July 22, 2016


Dear life,

All this while, I was working hard for achieving a perfect life promising myself a break once things sort out. I totally forgot that you might have a plan of your own; sometimes I feel I heard your voice calling for some fun but maybe it is an illusion.

I am sorry that I made you dance to my tunes without paying heed to your music. Today, as I sit here looking back I see you have moved on while I was busy chasing dreams and desires.

 I know that you did leave an occasional hint about change but I overlooked it in my haste and as we could never synchronise our steps to live, the present called ‘TODAY’ went missing.

You may be angry with me but let us start again; let's enjoy the present while we work together for the future and this is not a command but a humble request.


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  1. Balance is key, isn't it? A letter to life is an interesting way to put the past behind and start again.

  2. Wow, I think I love this! Very nice!

  3. Wow, I think I love this! Very nice!

  4. Yes, we all need to slow down and embrace life without rushing away every day heedlessly. Well-written !


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