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August 3, 2016

Fragile Life

Lose yourself
To embrace your being tightly
Sit together for a while
Talk your heart out
Let your soul become alive.

Listen to your heartbeat
Tap your toes light
Clap like a child
Sink into the vast land ahead
Soak the best from bygone.

Close your eyes
Dream about your wish
Attempt to catch your fish
Pat your shoulders
Gift yourself a signature style.

Laugh and smile
Cry and try
Fall to rise again
Don’t lose who you hide
Deep within you, there is still a child.

Be your own judge
Compete with your last try
Pamper yourself
Love your life.


Life Is Fragile!

Aug 3rd: Fragile lives


  1. Good one! expressions wonderfully presented.. :)

  2. Nicely done for the prompt. Life indeed is fragile.

  3. Good one ! Lots of inspirational statements for everyday life. :)


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