March 14, 2012

Lessons From Life: Point Taken

 Myself before You: holds true but tough to practice !

Don't self pity.Wait, breathe and check what is wrong. Nothing is achieved by brooding over things that are nothing but the past.It is good to be respectful and sober but don't let people walk over you. 

Out of courtesy we speak what others want to hear…..that is the way we are taught about the world by our parents.But then why blame them? Once on our own we need to manipulate things according to the requirement. 

People are out there to show off themselves to the world. Except a few all others have masks on their faces. It is quite tough to know the real, all this even makes you think if you are true.One thing I have learnt is that people see what they want to see not what you are. Perceptions are generalized. People don’t want to see the real you but who they perceive you are.

As always our problem lies with the fact that we try and mould ourselves as to what others want from us…. maybe that is why people think we are what they had thought about us. May be we should think in terms of 'ME' before others or else have the motto, “let others do what they want, and do my best from my side”

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Sometimes you want something and ask for it but don't get it; but it takes years(exaggerated expression  though ;) ) for  the people  to realize that you had asked for something….result you do not ask for anything next time.(But you are plain happy) But then, these very same people question  “ oh!  what do you want?; there must be something…"  ahoy!! again your expectation rises and the vicious circle goes on …… Better option still; stop asking for what you want just go for it yourself. So you do not go thru the  same cycle again.Life is lovely.

If u try and please others out of respect and stretch yourself, they expect the same every time…..but then the amount stretched is beyond your limit…after that limit you will only break away into pieces. If you start showing resistance later they may become suspicious if you are acting!!!!!! Better to be tough fro the word GO.

Still tougher is when you are asked for clarification on the face.(what happened ? say something...) A honey talk; ugh!!! …Life is not simple; or maybe life is simple but people around us have the way to walk across in criss cross even wen a direct route is there.

Good that man found writing, helps ease out the soul.
God bless the paper and the pen….um-mm!!! MS word J