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October Hues

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Hello Friday

 Hello, K eeping the theme 'Autumn' created this digital card on   Photoshop.  Have tried the digital medium earlier but specifically creating a card foreground is something new. There are so many elements to use but then you don't want the work to look shabby while at the same time it appeals one to add   juuust  one more touch. 😁   Another one with the theme of October  I tried to paint a watercolor pumpkin. The photograph is on the darker side than the original. Couldn't not capture the actual hue. Ahh! Anyways here it is.

Monday Melodies

 Hello,  Its Monday again. No blues here as the autumn is around the corner. So, lets just hope for a bright and colorful month ahead.  The weekend was a relaxing one but the week looks ready for a sprint. SO, I thought of some Monday Motivation. A quote or any good thought that helps start the week on positive note. Underneath is a Tag I created for the Tag Tuesday hop where the theme is 'TREES' . Worked with three layers and a base layer for the tree and the background on Photoshop to get this effect. The Quote: Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. —Albert Einstein May all have a happy and safe month ahead. Until Next PostπŸ‘‹πŸ™‚

Loose watercolor Roses

Hello, Let's start the week with a lovely quote I read. Colors, like features,  follow the changes of the emotions. --- Pablo Picasso Well, this is so true. We may mask our emotions but somehow the eyes always give away the true feelings. It is just that very few bother to listen beyond the words.

Floral Friday

Hello, It is Friday fun with 'Florals' this time. I tried painting a rose. Never realized it would take so much time. Have sketched and then would paint flowers earlier but this was paint on paper without a sketch (to assist). I had to wait for a layer to dry before proceeding (...tiresome, every-time felt like I would never get the hang of next layer) but then Yaay!! Have a flower that looks like a .... ROSE

Pocket- Sized Art-Work

Hello,  So, it is Friday again and here I am with my itsy-bitsy  water-colour paintings. As it is water colour is a tough medium for me so the idea of trying it at a mini level gave me a break through of sorts . I saw some tutorials on You tube and loved how it worked. I did not do what the tutorials taught (the sketch and all) however the hints and techniques proved to be helpful ( quite helpful actually !!). It was a motivation in disguise as I did not have to create anything big, or have much detailing to to. It often happens that going for the big picture,  things start to slow down and the fervour gets tossed out. So, here I am with the Mini's:

Go With the Flow

Hello, This week I tried the Oil Pastels. Actually, couldn't get where to start so just took the colors and sat down and started playing with the colors. So, you may find a smudge here and an extra line there.  As I started layering colors over each other it started to appeared like a flower and I took over to give it that look.  Sometimes going with the flow works better. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€ Then one stroke of  pastel  made way for another and here is the final work. It is bright and warm and had a happy vibe to it; so I felt  like sharing it .