October 25, 2018

Thursday Thoughts #1

As time Flies thoughts also take wings but fewer words are sufficient. My thoughts...

 In case you like to use it, kindly give due credit (it is like a reward for a fellow netizen, Seriously).

October 3, 2018

Pokemon series - Voltorb

Little 'P' has taken fancy to the pencils, colours, craft and some serious block building( read Lego). So, we intend to publish the creative works here as and when they find the light of the day.
I always think children need to keep their imagination on the toes until the ideas grow wings to explore their horizons. So, come to join us as we take a flight to new ideas and imaginations...

The little one tries the little hands on paper to sketch the favourite Pokemon characters. A series of pokemon characters soon to hit the blog...

pencil drawn pokemon
Follow the link for more -  Little P

August 9, 2018

Love From a Mom

It grows because you are the one that constantly feeds it, control yourself and it would deflate”, said Sam. Pia wanted to surrender to the thought but he was precious to her.
Baby Feet, Heart, Love, Mother
courtesy pixabay

August 6, 2018

Lessons Learnt, Lessons Unlearnt

Regrets are a part of life so we have to live with them but if they tend to turn into incurable deep sores, it is better to change.

Things have begun to change, well to put it straight I am changing myself to fit in things unlike earlier when I was trying to fit myself in. I have realized that regrets are stronger when you try to do things to maintain harmony or balance in lives around you. Well, it is just our thought that doing so will bring any change for the people around us. On the contrary, people begin to be accustomed to our behaviour and interpret our actions as our w way of life rather than seeing the real reason that is “them”.

The situations are the same but I have altered my pace and perception in an attempt to keep myself relaxed and happy. Somewhere along my path as I was trying to adjust every time I had begun to bother my body, (it started giving hints and then boom!)Therefore, out of fear of losing to the situations, I stood up and I am trying to take control of the things gone haywire.

So finally, I realized that better to do things the right way and adjusting others so that I stay responsible for my regrets too.

Microblog Mondays

July 23, 2018

Longing for Another Life


He knew what all she could resort to if he did not fulfil her wish. The doctor had explained everything and even though the medications had burnt his pocket, he was helpless; maybe love did that to people. 

She had long before entered her past and now her childhood seemed to play games with her thoughts. She wished to return to the same place where 'daddy and mamma' would take her; maybe that was how she perceived happiness now.

The kith and kin pitied him and some even laughed at his life but he alone knew in his heart that his existence was dependent on her. Looking at her smile, he no longer felt the pressure of the world and began to pack things they would need at her favourite resort.

Thank you Denise, from the GirlieOnTheEdge.
In case you wish to write something yourself Just visit the blog for this week’s word prompt for the blog hop known as Six Sentence Stories. prompt this week is RESORT.

July 12, 2018

Truth and Dare

"She was an ugly duckling in all senses so the relationship strained", so her 'ex' claimed. The bait was perfect for such a gathering but the timing went wrong.

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