About 'ATF'

If life is a catalyst, this weblog is the reaction. Consequently, there is reasoning, realization, or regret and the posts tend to conclude everything striking a chord.

As time Flies
Thoughts flutter hither thither
Mind mingles with heart
Crafting a new start.

Fingers dance
Words take their chance
The soul takes a plunge
Into stories and poetic drafts.

One thought gives way to others
Letters wait to entwine into words
As life digs into its adventures
Sharing its secret treasures.

The mighty ink  
Picks the clue
Tries creating a magic
With all these hues.

Come Fly with me
Together let’s take this journey
Enjoy the words as they play
Just don’t visit
Leave a note, if you may!

- Ira PT
(nom de plume)

Now that you have read up to this point don't leave without an introduction. Would love to hear about you.


  1. When I read the tab labelled "ATF", I became curious to know what you have to write about the "Aviation Turbine Fuel (Airplane fuel)" :) Blame it on the profession I belong to....,

    However, as I read on, I felt this ATF is much more powerful a propellant that the one I know . You sure will fly high with your ATF.......more higher than any plane does with my ATF :)

    1. 'Better late than never', Right? welcome to the blog, Saket.
      That is something I never knew while I named my blog so but, then it is good...
      Thanks for visiting and the kind words. See you around the blogosphere...


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