April 27, 2012

From a mom for the mom to be


Welcome to all the lovely ladies who have just entered the new phase or are about to enter motherhood.
I know there is this mixed feeling after the great news is confirmed. So many questions rise in our mind over the next few months. Each month comes with a new set of questions and new dilemmas.

What actually should one do? I do not think anyone will have a perfect answer for this but; this is how my phase went.

When I first had the confirmation about my baby; I was numb, expressionless. The lab lady thought that it was a chance gone wrong and I didn’t want it that way. But Gods bless my baby; it was just that I had no way to express the feeling I was going through. There a saw a sparkle in my husband’s eyes and the happy 9 months began.

Straight from the Lab I went to my office, but the day would just not end and our calls to each other and mails would reassure yes the new chapter had begun.

 So, coming back to the point this is what I tried over the months. This is not an inclusive list or guideline but just what I did. 

  • You are your best judge. Within the given restrictions I ate and drink what my body required.
  • I had small, but several meals a day. Helps in case people have Nausea.
  •  As urination is frequent I had a good fluid intake.
  •  During the first three months precautions are necessary. Anything in excess is bad. That holds true for food, drink, noise, light etc. Your baby is in the cell stage help maintain an environment to help it establish in your womb.
  •  I had increased my diet so that the body gradually got prepared for the coming months. My doc asked me to have high calories in moderation. (Calories add pounds to mom and healthy food to the baby.
  •  I used to walk (had office entire 9 months), but one thing was that the body should not be strained or stressed.
  • Regular checkups were there
  •  One thing I deciphered over the months is that take each day as it comes, when in doubt consult our doc
  • Take good sleep. Afterwards you are probably going to be deprived of it.
  • Talk about your feelings with your spouse and enjoy the journey together.(remember, each journey has its ups and downs)
Enjoy your life and feel proud as this is only because of you that another life is coming to this world. Once the little one comes in your arms you will forget those 9 months no matter how they went and whether you had a c-section or normal.

Its only once we become moms ourselves do we realize our mothers worth.
Three cheers for all the moms!!

Take Care !

April 26, 2012

Blogs: Easily written but Tough to Promote I

 It is good to think and work; but sometimes it is the thinking part that takes the whole good time and leaves with little time for execution. Our ideas may be fantastic but unless put to use they are worthless. Everything in this world has a life and its best time for it the projected before the world.

So many times we have put our efforts into things that end up being futile. Everything seems to be fine, all homework done, best team at work but response is bad. Again either the audience is not ready for your idea or else they have grown above that level.

April 11, 2012

Network Traps

I have been a user of the cell phone since a very long time. Its been years and I have shifted from a simple gadget for just making calls to the upgraded one where net, messages calls, camera, touch and things I have not yet discovered are present.

But one thing for sure has not changed; that is the poor customer relation services of the network provider.Then, this is not restricted to the mobile ,any service regarding these electronics you take and the story is the same.

Few of the favorites of the service provider are:
1) sorry for the inconvenience caused. we regret...

2)Service is temporarily unavailable.Kindly try later...

3)some technical problem in the system...

4) Sir this issue cannot be resolved kindly pay a meager amount and take other STB.

We have the choice to select our provider but I ask when THEY lure the customer its 'CUSTOMER IS KING' but once inside their grip even answering a simple call becomes a burden for them.
And how many times can we change the service provider.

The other day I gave them a call and the response I got made me sick.They ask about the problem and then sit as though their lips have been sealed with a gum. Instead of giving a solution they just keep on repeating the same lines .

Maybe this is how they get their earnings.

From one person they cut around 100 bucks a month.
if  they have around 10000 customers who get affected.
their earnings get near around a whooping 100000 buck

April 10, 2012


Some feelings are beyond words; reunion with friends or a simple conversation with an old pal is one of them. It is refreshing! Old is such a funny word, it brings to our mind something weak, degrading, frail...but when taken with the word, friend it adds a depth to the relationship.

As goes the saying "old wine gets better with age", so does the friendship.

Friends make you see things rationally; they may not speak up right away but will always try to be true to you. They listen to you even when, what you speak makes no sense. You may fight over the silliest of things, however; your fights only make the bond stronger.

This bond is so funny you do not need hours to speak up your mind; the tone of your voice is enough to tell your state. It is only in the friendship that generation gap hold no place as it just about the correct vibes.

They are the secret bearers and the only ones who accepted you for being the ‘unique piece’ you are. At least mine did! They make you feel there are others of your type still existent in this world. Really, friends do make us feel light and good.

I always wondered as to how I would ever know who my friends for life are. I have found my solution; "no matter after how long you meet or chat over the phone; it appears that the last meeting was the day before.”

How do I say so…?

Well, A few weeks back I met an old but young friend of mine after a span of ten years, one hug was enough to sublime the patch of time, and we felt as if our last meeting was just yesterday at the university.

Love you all my friends.

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April 9, 2012

Time management: How was your day?

Somewhere in my heart I knew this phase was going to come. All of us at one time or the other go through this phase; you just don't feel like giving any explanations or reasons and especially putting forth your viewpoint.
No there are no differences of generations,gender or relations,still banging your head against a wall is a strict ,NO. You are aware you will just hurt yourself more. At least for sometime, that is till your heart again comes up to the forefront and your brain lags behind.
Not bad for a starter, who just realized what actually was happening to the mind and soul coordination.
But then Rome was not built in one day.Likewise someday we will also learn to manage our day well.

Love my new profession - Being Mom

It has been a few years now, since I left my job. I have not been idle though. But the roles have changed drastically and also the perspective of people.

A few weeks after I left my job I had my baby. So technically speaking I never have been free.But to the world I appear to be a poor soul,  out of work , unemployed, sitting at home.But believe me, raising a child is no Child's play.I  am not saying this because I am at home but because I have seen both the worlds. Office had been easier, also you get your credit there monetarily and role wise too.

April 5, 2012

Try it yourself

I tried it years before  'Jab We Met ' was released.

Are you feeling low? dejected? blah! blah! blah!  All those things that make you feel like a crap...then vent out your feelings by writing down what and how you are feeling .I have been doing this since my school days.

By writing I do not mean complete sentences but words , zig zags, doodles , scribbles ...whatever comes to your mind...just put in down on paper. Mind you paper can be an old newspaper,tissue,whatever...
Now that you are done shred the paper into dozens of pieces......Aah relief....

Once you are through this step you can jot your feelings easily at the next level. that is through net....via blogs or the notes page in your mail.

Try it and do tell how it felt.

April 2, 2012

An uphill task: loosing weight

I am not here to write about the diet programs that could help loose weight. But wait, there is something that you should try before any weight loss program; whether going on a diet or dieting.

Never starve yourself. If God had proposed it to be that way, hunger would not exist.

1 )   The biggest reason why you are not losing weight is because you have this fear inside you that “what if I never lose weight?’ Ahh! My dear friend this is the biggest hindrance in your weight loss program.

  Scare away your fears. Affirm and say to yourself everyday maybe it may take days, weeks or months but you will lose weight.

2)  Next, don’t let those temptations get you.  When that favorite dish of yours looks pleading at you to just take a nibble or when that aroma takes you to a new world don’t get fooled.

2    Just stare at it and casually affirm and say I will eat that entire plate but not today. Sometimes it is the distances that get us together and it holds true for all the love in the nature.

3 )  Hunger cannot be beaten by staying hungry.  Food is not the culprit that added those pounds to you. But your mismanagement did.

    Eat your meals but just break them up into several meals a day. A word of CAUTION:  do not increase the quantity of food Intake.

4)Sometimes you are just not hungry. But an urge to have something is there. This is Pseudo-hunger. The fluid level in your body is low.

 Take a cue first have a glass or two of water. You may not go for that bite.  Caution: Do not gorge on the water

 5)Do not let your body bloat up. Sometimes there is water retention and we appear on the heavier side.  Food has got nothing to do with it.

 Have enough fluid throughout the day.

6)Maintain what you have lost. Just because the rate of losing weight is slow does not mean that, the weight loss program has flopped and you have a reason to eat.

Try and maintain the weight and after sometime start afresh on your regime.

7) When we have nothing to do, when we are in a mood to celebrate, or when we are in a bad mood, our focus tends to be on food. As it’s the easiest available diversion of our thoughts.

Also always remember to engage yourself in some activity or the other.

Enjoy the small happy moments in your life. Live your life and do not mere exist. Love yourself. Rest will follow.