June 14, 2012

Relationship status – complicated

Everybody has sometime In their life given a thought to the relationships in their lives. There is a flavor of relationships in our life. Some relations are sweet, others sour; some crumble under the burden of life, others adhere even in the storms and turbulence of life.
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June 6, 2012

Blogs: Easily Written but Tough to Promote ( II )

This is evident now that mere expertise or skill does not take a person anywhere. One has to market those skills to bring them to the notice of the general public.Once, the word is out the author is the king of his/her domain. Until then, s/he is at the mercy of the profile visitors.

Innocence at Its Best

This short conversation is around 20 years old.  This is something I had published in my school magazine too.

It was during our summer holidays.We (cousins) were playing 'office office'. My 3 year old brother comes for a job vacancy. This is one interview that stopped as soon as it started. The entire family was in splits.