August 29, 2012

Raising a Child Is Not an Easy Task - Grandma Talk

"Raising a child is not an easy task"

So many times we have heard this phrase. I think each generation says it for the next. The task is a tedious one but, not impossible. There are no theories to raise a child; to each his/her own way to tackle the situation.

But there are some things that as an individual I observed affected a parent child's relationship. Here is a list of things which in my opinion lead this situation.

Each parent sees his/herself in the child

Genetically the child is a part of you but, your child is an individual first. Treat your child as you would treat any other individual. Try and understand the signs and symbols your child tries to convey.

Preach what you practice.

Our brain is most active till the age of five. So what you do is what your child learns. A toddler does not relate to what you are speaking but to the tone of your voice and your habits and gestures.
"The baby is much like her mother or father" so many times we have heard or said these words. 'Phenotype and genotype' the child has acquired but acquires the rest of the traits watching the parents or siblings.

Do not compare your child.
No two people in this world are alike. Maybe your child is bad at some things, but good at others. You have not ever bothered to see in which he/she excels.

Give your child the space to grow (I do not mean in terms of area or separate rooms) but, mental space.
Let the child analyze things and you help in channeling the thoughts. Today the child may fall but gradually will learn to stand on his own.

Life cannot be taught; it is an experience.
Let your child decide well from bad, help him in that. Do not teach him what you think is good or bad. That is your opinion and your child may not find reasons to accept it.

Support your child.
Monetarily each person tries their best to give their child a happy life; but are you giving your child the real love and a part of your time

Have faith in your child
There is a thin line between faith and blind faith. Guide your child through the rough patches. Show faith in him; that you know the child will overcome the hard times and come out with bright colors again.

Listen and respond.
Listen what child has to say. Then respond. Just because he is a child, does not imply he is on the wrong side.

Love unconditional
You do not need to prove anything to your child. He will respond according to your behavior. If you are not satisfied with yourself, neither will be the child with you.

Never let insecurity develop.
What you earn is never a concern with your kid as long as you give basic needs. But if you try to go beyond your means to give the luxuries, the child may show reverse signs.
This is because, the strength he sees in you falters. There is an insecurity which the money can never change.

This is not an inclusive list; still it may give an idea about how we go wrong. Respect the people and not the relation. Life will be more beautiful and bright

August 24, 2012

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