December 16, 2012

His First Trip at 14 Months - What I learnt

 A trip, be it short or long breaks the monotony and adds a flavor to the otherwise bland life. Just as an adult benefits from change so does a child too.

My first trip with my kid was when he was just 14 months old.  Fortunately he had started walking early and was potty trained so no major issues were involved. However, I was a bit reluctant when my husband enthusiastically told me about a family trip their office had arranged.  My enthusiasm was effervescent. This time it was different.We were parents now.

The family thing was not going well with me. After arguments the 'biwi'( wife) of the ' mia, biwi, baccha(please read family) won and I packed my better half's bag the night before 'The Family Trip'. Cleaned Bowled! or so I thought.