May 26, 2013

Beauty Lies in the Eyes of Beholder

I am pretty, that's for sure.
You may not agree, but I know.
Ask my mother what she feels;
She will tell you I am her Queen.
Ask my father, what he has to say?
He'll make it clear;
seeing my face keeps his problems away.

Beauty is not the face alone;
but what lies within.
What you see today may fade tomorrow;
what stays forever is what lies within.
Marriages are not made in heaven for sure.
Why would  it end as hell or a sore?
Marriages happen when 'I' and 'You' make me.
So, mere appearances should not make you choosy.

Life is lived with a spouse.
Selecting a partner through a single parameter;
 leaves a lot for doubt
If you think otherwise, please move on.
I need a man with a vision and not mere eyes;
to see what lies within when the mask falls aside.

I am no trophy that you have to win,
Being what I am is not a sin.
I am pretty I do know; 
your eyes betray you that is for sure.

Tomorrow will bring me close to someone beautiful within;
all I care for is a happy living.
I am pretty I do know;
You cannot see it;
 that's your problem for sure.

Written in response to some articles and threads I had read.Marriages are not about appearances and money alone. Compatibility and passion for living is a strong base to live years together.