July 30, 2013

Steps Retraced through the Green


I had a dream
A place so serene
Happiness all around
Melody in every sound

Then they appeared
All in color green
I assumed more happiness
Forgot green is also envy unseen

Souls sensed the change
Colours began to fade
Hidden were Shades of gray
Waiting for their prey
Life was alarmed
Heartbeat refused to calm
Sounds changed to noise
Man lost all poise

July 28, 2013

Weekend Woes

This is not about the weekend as such but the weekdays. The thoughts of the past week still would not leave me, stretching my woes to the weekend.

Somehow, right now I feel so elated and light. The week has actually passed. To me it felt like an eternity and not just five days. I was almost feigned that the course the days were taking and the the situations that caught me were determined to undermine me. No matter how much I tried life stood undeterred from its disturbing ways. 

I know, some people will suggest positive thinking. Though I would like to believe so too but at such times positive thinking is just a state of mind that helps us keep our sanity. Otherwise, the way situations are going deep within ourselves we are aware life will take its course at its own pace. Still, we must applaud man for dividing time into years, month’s weeks, days, hours etc. At least, the pain and confusion we encounter is in by parts. I convinced myself of a less tiring weekend emotionally physically and mentally.

The Irony is that by the time weekend actually knocked at my doors I had lost control. I was almost transformed to a senile cranky wife and and a touchy, subdued Mother. This is not I, I thought. I am generally the last person to lose control but this time…

I was not myself anymore. I had unknowingly surrendered to the gloomy weather, illness and rains that had flooded my life last week...  I vowed I would come out of it and enjoy this weekend. Then something caught my attention. The desk clock surprised me... It was 00.00 Sunday. Yes, you guessed it right while I had been trying to rejuvenate my tired and bored cells Sunday had arrived.

This made my already overfed mind more restless. Another week was to begin in 24 hours. Anxiety peaked up again. I am aware a vicious circle is waiting to entrap the victim again. Mind you this time I am refusing to budge. I will try to love the elapsing time and and try to manage such tough hours in a better way. 

I intend to let the week gone by be by gone. I will start a fresh.
I am hoping for a less chaotic and happier week ahead
Hope you too have a happy week ahead.

July 20, 2013

The Pointed Circle

This is more of a narration than an article based on random thoughts, conjured up just to fulfill a writer’s fixation .Some of it is observations of an individual who consciously or subconsciously observed the very surroundings of his point of existence. It is not a life story as it is mere a part of the long journey borne by me which s rationalized for the purpose of clear understanding and meaningful interpretation.
As with each and every individual, my first lessons were imparted right at home. Here we are not discussing mere intricacies of academia but the never ending and enlightening course of life and in that wholesome atmosphere of love, care and occasional scare one get to study so many aspects of life from elders as well as toddlers. It’s totally up to you to acknowledge it as lesson or just let it pass by as mere another event in process of existence.
 One can say that radius may have increased but circle was still intact. and here in this wholesome atmosphere of love, care and occasional scare one get to study so many aspects of life from toddlers and elders alike. It’s totally up to you to acknowledge it as lesson or just let it pass by as mere another event in process of existence.

July 19, 2013

हैंडसम हंक (Handsome Hunk)

courtesy - silhouettegraphics
दूर खड़ा वह हैंडसम लैड
देख उसको प्रीतो जी का मंन हुआ ग्लैड।
आँखें हो न रही थी ब्लिंक
मंन बोला -
मुई उम्र हो क्यों न जाती श्रिंक?
हाय मर जावन किन्ना क्यूट है
दूर से मन लिया लूट रे।

July 18, 2013

Tragic Meals

Tragic meal
Life it steals.
Morning bread
Children are dead.
People without clue
Government is black and blue.
Reason not found.
Spirits watched with astound.
Last heard the dead may rise from the ground.
Committees created.
Justice waited.
It was a sad day
Humanity is ashamed
What else can it say?

July 15, 2013

A little more

Through the high tide
 I assumed I could touch the moon
The tide turned low
I realized where I stood.

Longing for rains
I missed its beauty
The floods tagged along
I realized life has all the tastes
not just sweet.


What man desires,
may not always be what he requires.
The urge for more never ceases.
there is more to life
                                  Than what meets the eyes                                  

Is not the horizon beautiful?
Where the waters meet the skies.

July 13, 2013

R.I.P Pran Saab

The legendary Pran saab is no more.

Yesterday I had written a post about movies of yesteryear. Ironical, today evening came the news of the demise of Pran. His portrayal of the characters was so strong that mothers were scared to name their child after his name. Over the years, this name has been solely associated with the great Pran. The eyes were enough to scare the wits out of anybody.

Though he played a villain in reel life, He was a hero in his real life. A friend of all, he will be remembered by all. He gave the villain a charismatic charm and poise. His screen presence was equivalent to the hero itself. Later in his career he even did comic roles, and character roles with the same ease as with his earlier characters.

A few months back Government bestowed him with the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award. The Pran we saw on TV that day was on a wheel chair but the aura was evident.  At the age of 93, he left for the heavenly abode leaving behind a trail of characters for generations ahead to enjoy and learn.

You will always stay with us Pran Saab!