August 23, 2013

एक और निर्भया

एक और निर्भया 

कल की है ये खबर 
एक और निर्भया मिली इधर 
फिर वो जानवर आये थे 
फिर इस कानून  व्यवस्था के 
चिथड़े उड़ाए थे। 

Handle With Love

 Interestingly, no person in this world would want to handle them with love. No matter how much they talk about love, handling love ; all loathe the existence of this particular chapter. They just cannot handle it; leave alone the part of living.
What do you have to say lovely people who carry them around? Do you love those love handles?  Dissent, will be the unanimous response. This is something that has nothing to do with love. Still, at some point or the other occupies the mind and soul of men and women around the world. I fail to understand why and how it got its name. As far as I know they are not the result of love nor are they loved be anyone. Still, to add pinch of salt to wounds they are called love handles.

Interestingly, women are not the only ones affected by them. Men too come under their grasp. Some pain we both share.  Irony is that the cushions around the midriff do anything but protect the poor body. Their mere presence is a sign of unforeseen danger that waits for us in the future.  

Diets to dieting, exercises to body detoxify nothing seems to work against it. This love is tough to handle. The best part (sic) no matter if your size is ‘Medium’ with a petite frame. The love that hangs around you will make automatically shift you to group ‘Large’. Some progression all women will hate.

Even the best bodies seem carry the burden of this not so lovable flab around. There are sites dedicated to this topic. However, no firm solution seems to come up. Apathy is that to reduce their presence each individual needs to find a way of their own. It is a hit and trial method.

 Many people do not even know that they are carrying an excess baggage of love around.  People are happy with the ‘khaatey peetey ghaar ke baandhay hai jee’ attitude. Steps needed to create awareness about this unhealthy trend picking up in the cities. People should learn to love themselves before the handles start loving them.

Eat Healthy.
Sleep sound.
Keep fit.
Spread love.
Stay off Love Handles.