September 13, 2013

Happiness and You

Everybody talks about Happiness. However, each person will have his or her own definition for it. What is happiness?
This part of speech means 'to be in high spirits' or 'satisfied'. It is a tough task to achieve. It coexists with contentment. Often people regard contentment as lower want to strive for more. Is it right?
No, this approach to life is entirely wrong. A person should learn to enjoy what he has. Alongside, work for a better tomorrow. A person himself has to work upon the craft of living happy.
Happiness is a blessing. This blessing is the easiest way to look smarter, younger, and sparkling forever. There are no tricks to can make a person happy. It is a gradual process, which requires small efforts.

September 5, 2013

Mentors Or Tormentors - Unholy Acts of Holy Men

Happy teacher’s day to all who contribute in some way to establish a healthy society. Since the past few days some ‘Gurus’ have created a havoc in the minds of people and the basis of teacher student relation is under scrutiny. 
Well, guruji’s are supposed to have left the worldly pleasures for the lord himself. To attain the Moksha and have a good karma record they choose the path. However, what we viewed or heard was anything but the path of contentment. Would not you agree?

September 4, 2013

Lost Childhood Friend
I fondly remember my childhood days particularly, the winter holidays. Every winter we used to come to my nani’s place. There I had made a special fiend. One I called my best friend. Our rendezvous was an annual affair but the bonding was quite tough. My nani tells me we were toddlers when we started playing together. Therefore, this event happened a long time ago.
I still remember my ‘chaddi buddy’. Maybe, as children the senses are raw and receptive so friendships last lifelong. Those 30 days were just splendid. Then, something happened and we permanently shifted to Delhi. Everybody started talking how the friendship brought us together, how we shall grow up with each other’s company. Though we lived far from her house, still we met each weekend. It was because of her that I never realized the transition from my hometown to Delhi.
Six months passed happily and then came the news. We both became quiet after that. The friendship of seven years was under the hammer of distances. Her father was transferred to Gujarat. Within a month, she had to shift.
 We used to cry together. Then came the day she had to leave. I took a day off from school. I wanted to see her off before she left. We were 6 years old when we parted. Then there were occasional exchange of letters. As time passed, my nani too shifted and then the correspondence stopped. We moved ahead in our lives.
Nevertheless, I still remember her once a while. I do not know if she has memories of me. Childhood gave me a gift of friendship that still lingers on with me.  Today my child is as old as I was when our friendship blossomed. He too has a friend who he refuses to part with. May be life comes a full circle.
Interestingly, I still remember the names of her parents, brother, and the school they went. I have a picture inside me of us playing together. I even tried to search for her. Facebook, orkut but then so many people share that name that it is tough to find her. I know we have drifted on different paths and have become individuals who are different from their childhood avatars. Still, someday, I hope to meet her just once.
You are fondly remembered dear friend!