December 13, 2013

खबर कुछ ऐसी है...

Death I know is of a different sort
 I see people who are alive but lifeless.
I see people long deceased still living in hearts and dreams.
Life after death; how it will be?
I do not know.

If I belong to hell or heaven who shall know?
Let me create a history rather than wait.
Wait for the mystery.
Yes, wait for the mystery.
The mystery called death
Death with all that it holds.

Let me have control over my present trip
The man on the bull shall take over the reign when I leave
Do not make hell here and take away its charm
Do not forget that tomorrow you may be in its arms.
The person who sees hell here may be in for surprise
The gates of heaven wait for him open and wide.

Enjoy life as it comes
About our expiry date, we are dumb.
Who knows what moment is our last?
Today is our present
Tomorrow it will be past.
Love, live, care, fear
Leave all the rest.

Why worry about that adventure that lies next
Maybe it will be better than all that earth can profess.
May be the lanes there are brighter and cleaner
May be no holy water is needed for there is no sinner
May be the soul reaches the other side pure?
Anxiety for the unseen shall make it tough.

Just a plea dear death
When the fall is near
Come without any fuss!

Written in response to "What do you think happens after one dies? Bring out the best creative imagination to explain."  #DeathisBeginning