December 30, 2014

Dddd... Dhoni Ka Test Se Sanyaas

Why did Dhoni take Sanyaas from cricket? The truth behind the retirement is now a breaking news. However no conclusion has been reached yet. Actually, it is not his fault.

It is not that Dhoni wanted to retire from test cricket. It is the fault of his bat and the dashaa of the pitch that made him take this bold step. Some 'daan'(donations) and earning some 'punyas' will put him on the right track. Hope this would suffice as a reason for all the channels that are busy finding reasons for his retirement from test cricket.

What I saw on television made me summarize that is a crucial turn in the history that is being written in these times. The situation is so critical that the crew and passengers of Air Asia were forgotten to discuss why Dhoni took such a severe step.

December 25, 2014

Life without my Phone - Unthinkable!

Dear Tabby,

If I were ever to lose you my dear, I do not know how I will survive
Over the years, you have become my part and my voice.
My day would cease to exist, as I will be without a guide
Your applications keep me abreast with the terms of life.

Mere thought of losing your company scares me to hell
Without you, my pace would be of a snail.
You pamper my feelings, understand my soul
I can write my heart out to you
You help me realize my goal.

December 19, 2014

Flight Above The Arabian Sea

This photograph I took while crossing the coastal waters from Alibaug to Gateway of India.

The flight of the bird was so smooth against the blue background that it was like a live painting.

It must be looking for a prey when I captured it!

While on a ferry across the Arabian Sea

December 17, 2014

Hence Proved - No Religion, No Faith, No love

Future was murdered
Parents orphaned
Siblings separated
Havoc created.

They said they fought for the cause of their people
They forgot those people
And killed them for their cause.

All pretensions; nothing more
Going for the holy trip drenched in blood
From head to toe.

Whose side are they?
You may ask
None can tell as they wear that mask.
They are but their own friend
Only shallow men kill children.

They work not for human or God
Greed and power are their lords.
Let us Fight for white
White for peace
However, we see just red
Splatter for the hatred and greed.

Humanity is crying
Politics is at a halt.
On both sides of the border
Hearts mourn together.

Maybe for a day
Or a week
Or else month
The story shall stay
Then fade away.

It is not the time for mere words
Nor just reactions.
The agencies should wake up
Take firm action.

The children will not return to their parents
At least their souls will rest in peace.
When the cowards who target public
Pay for their deeds.

H is for humanity, help, hatred, hindsight.
This post was written for the terrorist attack in a school in December 2014.

Merry Christmas Santa Ji: मेरी क्रिसमस विश

Thanks Anawielle
प्यारे सैंटा जी ,

मै  ख़ुशी (इंग्लिश में मतलब happy) इंडिया से। सुना  है कि  आप सबकी इच्छा पूरी करते हो। मेरी भी कुछ इच्छा । यह भी  सुना  है कि आप इंग्लिश हो। फिर भी मैं आपसे कुछ मांगना चाहती।

क्या आप मुझको टिक्की वाला मस्का पाव  खिला सकते हो? उस  "m" वाली दूकान पर जो मिलता। देखने  को तो बड़ा  अच्छा लगता है बस एक बार चखना है।  कल टीवी पर  आपको और मस्का पाव को देखा तो ये सोच्चा। वैसे रुको अगली बार देना  इस बारी आप साल का राशन दे दो।

December 13, 2014

Relive Moments Bollywood Ishtyle.

In the literal sense, you cannot count me as a movie buff as I do not watch first day first show. In fact, I have not until date watched a movie first day first show.
However, I am an avid movie enthusiast. Unlike people who watch a type of cinema I can sit for any movie as long as it can hold my attention. Sometimes you just do not want to chill. At that time the ‘Masala Movies’ add to the spices of a monotonous life. Then there are times when I am unaware of myself ‘Soft romantic comedies’ come to my rescue.  Then ‘we’ that is ‘He, Me’ watch the dubbed movies on ‘Cinema Zee’; I meant ‘Zee Cinema’. (Somehow just went with the flow). Then there are instance when you are blank, world is weird and then suddenly you start watching a movie that just lifts your spirit. It brings back fond memories of the childhood, your change in perspective then and now.

We relive these movies. They are beyond time, generations, content, and audience type. I too have some movies in my kitty. Some are dark comedy, some light while others hard hitting. The movies I list here come in random order and cater to various age groups.

Sanjeev Kumar, Deven Varma Starrer Angoor that was about two sets of twins who get separated unaware of each other’s presence and how it creates a chaos in their life without giving any reasons.
Then there was Amol palekar, Bindiya Gosowami starrer Golmaal where a person has to create a twin to hide his Modern avatar from his boss. How a lie leads to a series of lies and misunderstandings.

December 12, 2014

Sunset At the Costal Waters Of Kerala

I just love the sunset. There is something that grasps me . I just love the way Sun goes down gradually.Descend is minute but the light gives away the secret that time is moving.

We were moving as the sun was setting it was like a movie on the move.

Awesome moment!

Sunset viewed from the houseboat during Kerala Trip

December 10, 2014

Dump That Attitude Change Her Life



I am a woman. Any woman you have come across. I may not express myself to others however; I often have long chat session with my heart. “Please Excuse me”


No there is no typo.
It is the ring of my heart.

Every now and then, I pick it up; it affirms ‘Things will change’. . Over the years, I have been trying to lay off things and traits that have proved useless for me. Useless not in terms of utility but as a factor that enhances my journey on earth. They have proved to be hindrances every now and then. However, they continue to be a part of me. I can change freely only when the mental status of the crowd around me changes.

December 9, 2014

Your Decision Your Life

As I opened today’s newspaper the news that caught my attention was the death of a teenager in a road accident. A young life lost to the reckless driving of another person. Who is at fault? The first reaction would be the driver who hit the child. True, however things could have been different if that boy had been wearing a helmet.

The newspaper reported that there was no external injury; life was lost due to a deep impact. A life was lost due to negligence on part of the parties. We cannot control others though for ourselves we can take precautions. Road safety is not restricted to wearing helmets or limiting speed. It is about respecting the public walking on road. You may be in a rush but if you lose life, the purpose remains unresolved.

Do rules and regulations have an antagonistic effect on all? We may react over the issues of non-governance and country lacking Amenities. However, this should be our own choice as the civic bodies or the governments do not lose anything. A family loses its dear one and a person leaves his body.

December 4, 2014

Ignorant Predictive text
Who pays heed to anyone these days? In the era of computers and Google, verbal advice has little or no meaning. Well, do not we all cross check with Google when suggested something. No offense intended.

The Internet has made lives easy, however; today each of us is an adviser to every other person. Unaware of our own shortcomings we are happy suggesting others as to what is right or wrong.

December 3, 2014

Crossroads: The inevitable mix of happiness and sadness

If life is a bed of roses thorns adorn it with the fragrant flowers.

As they were waiting at the hospital for the reports, the nurse came with the good news. That Instant his phone began to ring. Expecting their first child, happiness was inevitable. However, his face had a different story to tell. Slowly he informed her, “Your grandfather is critical.”
Happiness and sadness together occupied the heart and turned them numb.

The day embryo turned to fetus. She lost her Grandparent! An irreplaceable loss clouded by the arrival of a new life.

December 1, 2014

Match Point - LOVE

The first encounter proved to be the last.
 Here is an ode to an 'Arranged Love Story'.

Met him at an eating joint,
Something clicked
 Marked the point.

 Was not expecting prince charming
He cast a spell
That was alarming.

If it was love at first sight, 
Do not know.
Time had stopped
World seemed to glow.

November 27, 2014

My Past Life

Frankly speaking I have no intuitions regarding my past life. So, Either this is just the beginning of my cycle or else I am carrying no baggage from my past.

Past life;
Was it a slow or fast Life?
I am ignorant of the unseen
The way I lived
Or how I died?
I wish I were a nomad
Free of spirit.

October 10, 2014

Educated illiterates or Uneducated literates?

This is something very close to my heart. Very often I am left thinking about this topic when I come across people of good homes and best degrees succumbing to low standards. We all have an opinion about things however; flexibility to new ideas and situation is the key to a better world. This also happens to be the distinguishing factor between the literates and the educated.

Education for me is a never-ending process that helps me grow spiritually and mentally whereas literacy is mere talk about degree. Literates talk about things directly from the books even if it is irrelevant in today’s context whereas an educated person does not have same rule for all. Each situation and a person is a new challenge with a different approach.

September 16, 2014

पानी में भी प्यासे

यह है आम आदमी कि व्यथा 
इक कोने में प्यासा 
दूजे कोने में पानी में ही फसा ।। 

दोनों ओर मौत का साया 
कोई सूखे से हारा 
कोई बाढ़ का मारा ।।

September 15, 2014

Ten Things to do Before I Die

However, the list of things I wish to do is inexhaustible; I will dive into myself to grab the 10 top most things that I would like to do before I die. The list does not follow any particular order.

  • Take my parents and in laws down the memory lane. Visit our birthplace that no longer is our abode.
  • Own a dwelling surrounded by hills, water, books, colors, soft music with my better half once I have finished the worldly responsibilities and duties.
  • Set an example for my kid that life does not mean to follow others. Each one should take a journey without hurting others and at the same time without degrading self. We should make the choices and leave the blaming game.
  • Contribute in my small ways to the lives around me in terms of time, company, monetarily, emotionally.
  • Play adventure sport for that high adrenalin rush when I am on the riper side of sixty!
  • Meet all my friends who have been omnipresent in spite of distances and duration.
  • Play childhood games with cousins when we will be too old to run and jump.
  • Read at least one book every day.
  • Create something on the lines of hall of fame maybe a room where photographs of all my family, cousins from before and after my marriage shall adorn the walls.
  • Keep my sanity and health at par so that when I die I have a smile of contentment on my face

    Written in response to Lets post our Bucket List: Ten Things You Would Want to Do, no let me rephrase, TEN THINGS YOU MUST DO BEFORE YOU DIE or else you would feel like a loser on a deathbed? Let us share and motivate each other about life. Lets Dream about life, your life.

    September 10, 2014

    The Best Gift he ever Received

    Pia was shouting while running across the fields.”Wait! Wait for me. You are running too fast. Mama has sent a message for you. Rakhiii…” The voice trailed behind him.  In spite of hearing his sister scream behind him, Raghu continued gaining yards losing out the sentence. He could not afford to waste any time. He had to grab that kite.

    September 9, 2014

    From Jolly Green to Gloomy Gray
    It was a sunny day still it stood there surrounded by a dismal air. From the corner where she stood, she could decipher that no one dared to be near it. The bench stood there alone in spite of the entire crowd. A decade of service to the community had turned futile post that fateful day. 

    She still remembered that day though bleakly. All the children were playing near the bench some jumping over it, others going under it. A few peers sat on it discussing how it had served them also during their childhood. Among the calm atmosphere, suddenly there was panic all around. Screams and cries for help filled the atmosphere. All the chaos added to the tragedy, as many kids got hurt and two lives were lost. The ones that survived the tragedy developed other complications. Gradually, fear enveloped the neighborhood that once blossomed with laughter and happiness. The happy brown companion transformed to a gloomy gray isolated bench.

     As she stood watching her mate from childhood, she thought if it also felt the pain, as it stayed there abandoned! 

    August 20, 2014

    Romancing the thought of romance...

    courtesy Google
    Romance is a word that inevitably creates a scenario of cuddling couples, dingy khopchaas and the dance and song sequence around lush green trees. Everybody is romantic at heart but if one has to talk about it, it is still a taboo.  Maybe for the deep in culture people it is more physical than emotional.

    It is beyond gifts, price tags, love letters and hush! Hush!
    Don't you think a surprise halt at a tapari for tea and pakoda while waiting for the rain to stop is more romantic than a suave dinner. The smiles are more harmonious and the rain drops more melodious. Planned dinners and lunches are always welcome still this is a different feeling altogether. We are never satisfied with the clothes we have, the accessories we have dumped but someday that tiny gift appears while cleaning the cupboard and we are all smiles and gleaming.

    January 28, 2014

    When television meant doordarshan...

    I do not know how many of my online friends have read 'loat poat'. If any  of you enjoyed that comic, here is a chance to see ghaseeta ram,  dr. Jhatka, motu, patlu. Nick has a show inspired by this comic. In a sea of cartoon channels showing  chinese and Japanese characters this show is desi. Core desi. Full time pass...
    My kid just loves it.

    Talking about entertainment. When i was a kid Sundays used to be special for ramayana and mahabharata. Saturday  meant watching He man at 4 in the evening.  '... I have the power'. there were not too many shows on television but enjoyment was high.

    January 27, 2014

    If that day...

    Standing alone at the crossroads of life she wanted just one thing from life; to live a moment from her past.  She had everything to secure her,  to make her the envy of others. Still, she longed for something. That something that had created a void but no longer was a part of her.

    When she was still young she had toiled hard to achieve her goals. She had engrossed herself to raise her siblings out of poverty and dirt. Once persuaded by her family she took a holiday with them. The best time she had spent in years. An isolated patch set up as a resort. A retreat from the chaos of city life.

    It was here in these serene surroundings that she lost her heart to someone special.  A person who held her special not for the designation she held, but for the person she was. Life seemed perfect. Now that her soul mate was with her life seemed complete. 

    However all came to a halt just a day before the holiday was to end. He proposed to her. She agreed. He wanted an early marriage, she loved him but marriage was not her priority at the moment. He had his plans ; she had hers. Heart broken both agreed to part. The story that had blossomed, withered within a fortnight. 
    They took their separate path. Each losing a part of self . 

    She never fell in love again. For she had never fallen out of the one before.
    Today when age was no longer her friend, money no longer held her interest  she felt sad to have her meals alone.
    Oh none had betrayed her. She sat at the table with them n their families. However the heart was alone and the soul hungry. The thought never eluded her as to what would her life be now if that day....