August 20, 2014

Romancing the thought of romance...

courtesy Google
Romance is a word that inevitably creates a scenario of cuddling couples, dingy khopchaas and the dance and song sequence around lush green trees. Everybody is romantic at heart but if one has to talk about it, it is still a taboo.  Maybe for the deep in culture people it is more physical than emotional.

It is beyond gifts, price tags, love letters and hush! Hush!
Don't you think a surprise halt at a tapari for tea and pakoda while waiting for the rain to stop is more romantic than a suave dinner. The smiles are more harmonious and the rain drops more melodious. Planned dinners and lunches are always welcome still this is a different feeling altogether. We are never satisfied with the clothes we have, the accessories we have dumped but someday that tiny gift appears while cleaning the cupboard and we are all smiles and gleaming.