January 29, 2015

The Great Indian Litterbug

I am the litterbug. My physical appearance may not justify the bug but my habits match completely. I belong to a super species of bugs. I have a mind to judge the right from the wrong and good from the bad however, I restrict these judgments for my personal agendas.

COURTESY - Times Of India

This is an ode to the great Indian litterbug...

 I am the one who takes pleasure 
Watering all around,
Garnishing the roads with garbage, he owns.

I talk about cleanliness
I Pee outside the loo.
I care not about what you rant
A guy has got to do 
To save his pants.
I see no fence I see no wall
Just can’t ignore the nature when the nature calls.

January 28, 2015

A letter To the Forgotten 'I'

Dear Me,

While growing up you had developed so many interests. I remember how you would doodle on the hemline of your dress. How each page on the rough notebook had a pattern or face drawn. How your favorite gift used to be crayons, paints and palettes. Long time since the hands held those brushes or the crayons. I tried keeping up with your interest but daily chores and life took up the time. Sometime back we had tried to live with the color and paper but with regret, I say I fumbled again.

January 24, 2015

Solitude: Rendezvous between Soul and Body

Call it the irony of life that most people find themselves alone when encircled in a crowd. The more you rise in life lesser gets the number of close friends and accomplice rise. The richness of togetherness losses its charms when there are more formal parties than casual get together. At such cross roads of life there happens to be one friend. That is solitude.

There are times when I do not wish to speak
There are moments I rather keep my ears close.
It’s when the world seems senseless;
Everything about life appears worthless.
What people preach are mere words
Each sentence stings; each note appears a sword.

At that moment, one thing helps
Peep a little inside yourself. 
Find a little privacy 
Where only your soul you should see.


Is It You?

It has been days since I slept
My eyes stay wide open
No dreams have yet crept.
My heart yearns for him
He is off shore.
No pill no doc can find a cure.

CREDIT - leafbreeze7
For the first time 
We are apart.
My soul is restless
My heart is beating hard.
I am sad 
Make me glad
Send him back soon
I cry to the moon.

CREDIT - leaf-19

January 20, 2015

Writing Resolutions

courtesy - www.winghill.com
It has been quite a while since I have made resolutions. Actually this ’while’ counts in years. However this year I wish to (I have not resolved yet) share at least three posts a week. I am on track until now. Considering my previous record of accomplishment(barely seventy five posts), I will break even with previous years publishing this year if I post with the same fervor. Therefore, I desire a century posting this year. I also intend to read more blogs and be more openhanded in leaving a comment contrary to just pressing that like button.

Let us see how everything fits in…

Fingers Crossed!

#MondayMusings – 19 January 2015 @ Write Tribe

Friend & Foe

Walking on the gravel path 
Many sores his feet bore.
Head held high
His face with a smile 
No one knew
What he went through.

January 19, 2015

Death I Know is Of a Different Sort

D is for 'death'

Death I know is of a different sort,
 there are people who are alive but
 lifeless and soulless
Unaware of the magic called Life.

Then I know those, long deceased
Still living in hearts and dreams.
Life after death; how it will be?
I do not know.

If I belong to hell or heaven who shall know?
Let me create history rather than wait.
Wait for the mystery.
The mystery called death
Death with all its powers and hold.

Let me have control over my present trip
Will have to pass over the reign when I leave
Do not make hell here and take away life's charm
Do not forget that tomorrow you may be in its arms.

Will death cradle you or bounce you around
No one can tell
As they can never answer 
Those who have found.
The person who sees hell here
Maybe in for a surprise
The gates of heaven
Wait for him open and wide.

January 16, 2015

Brain Power

If only I used that brain, life would have less of a strain.
I would learn to manipulate, catch my prey with single bait.
Alas! I use just 10 per cent rest of it is hidden behind the crescent.
How can I go that far without a rocket in my power?
Can you lend me a part of your 90 per cent?
I would use it judiciously giving you every credit in person.
Or maybe I possess more than 10 percent
However, circumstances hold the rest.
I try to use it when I can
However, you do not pay heed to what I said.

January 13, 2015

Eyes Never Lie

Thank you - d-lyricist.blogspot.com

An upsurge of guilt was taking over me.
Her voice was drowning me in a pool of shame.
My heart was constantly pinning me down.
How could I hurt such a gentle soul?
I raised my head to apologize but was left startled.
Her eyes told a different story!
My heart missed a beat

January 11, 2015

She was Home bound after 20 years...

Hi, I am the lost child of my homeland. How I long for my home. It has been years since I left my home. We had left it during the vacation trip with the exception that it never ended and we shifted our base. I was very small at that time almost the age that my son is now however, childhood there is still fresh within me.

Yesterday the jinx was broken. I took the precious trip down the memory lane literally, whilst I walked down the lane towards the house that was once my home. This was the place where I was born, where I started my first school and where we all lived under one roof.

January 8, 2015



The Panchabhuta is the essence of life.
The Panchabhuta - Air, Water, Soil, Fire, and the sky
All five elements work in cohesion to initiate life.

We owe everything to the nature.
It takes our care during life time;
After the last breath
Again we shall sleep in it's lap.

Why do we forget to treat the nature with respect?
Something that is an integral part of us!

January 7, 2015

Good Girl-'SHE'

Good Girl, Bad Girl
Happy Girl, Sad Girl
Her Girl, His Girl
Hot Girl, Cute girl
All this comes later
Foremost I am a heart with a soul.
I am ‘The Girl’

Feel blessed being born a girl.
Thank you - http://www.thelogomix.com/

 From an early life, the families raise their daughters subjective to the norms and pressures of the society. Even matrimonial columns seeking brides want ‘Homely, Convent educated and simple girls’. It is a pity to set such trivial trends. I do not know how popular these are now but once they filled the matrimonial pages of all leading newspaper. The basis of such requirements and how do they relate to a Good girl are beyond my thinking ability.

It was for the English paper where we had to write ‘matrimonial ads’. My first word prejudice that I realized was then. My dear English teacher brought for us an advertisement as not to write for exams. This was one such format we had to stay off.

January 6, 2015

Happy New Year Blog Buddies

I had intended to wish my readers (read blog buddies) on the first day of the year. However, I did not have a healthy start so the delay. I know it is a bit late for the wishes but as they say "Better late than never".

Happy new year to all the blog buddies who take time out to read my posts. Hope the year started with a brilliant note and that the year ahead sways you in its symphony with good luck and a fruitful time ahead.

It has been a pleasure to have you visit my blog. Your views and thoughts make the posts more precious and feed my mind for further writings. There is nothing more charging than appreciation from peers who are masters in the field.

May you endeavors bear the ripest of fruits and mind bring out the greatest of works.

'Happy new Year' once again.

 Loads of best wishes 

See you soon!