February 25, 2015

Lightening Stroke in the Dark

Though she had set to surprise him, he caught her unaware as she returned from the shower.

The room she had illuminated for him lay in darkness and she could sense nothing until he took her into his grasp whispering “happy anniversary”.

February 22, 2015

Stranger I Met On the Train

Looking around me, 
felt a chill run down my spine.
A single girl among men;
Who would hear her whine?

A glimpse to my left
I could make out it was a smile.
Seeing him staring blatantly 
My heart gave a cry.

A stranger with a smile
Is a signal too strong?
As he approached me 
I realized something was seriously wrong.

Hello said that boy
I did not reply.
I simply shook my head
I was feeling a little coy.

As he sat next to me 
I cursed my stars.
While anger made me red
I soon realized that other men no longer stared.

His steps followed me
As I got down the train
I increased my pace
My body put up with the strain.

As he dared to meet my dad
Thank you was all that I said.
He returned a smile that explained
His company was pure human care.

Neither had we spoken while on board
Nor did we exchange our numbers.
He just revived my faith in humanity
That lay in slumber.

His face is a dim portrait
As that moment, I was plain scared.
However, for me he is an angel
I don’t think I will meet again.

February 19, 2015

Top Five Wishes in My Bucket List #BefikarUmarBhar

Live The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of!

No matter how meticulously we plan life, it takes it own course and time to reach the destination. Sometimes the plan that we have charted out matches with that of life and the world turns all rosy and pink with love and happiness all around. Then there are times when the path we chose and that meant for us are different and the surroundings turn somewhat gloomy and slow paced.

If given a chance to take the course of life on my own terms without any external hindrances or life, threatening consequences I would like to do the following in no particular order though.

World and Me
Travel around the World visiting unexplored destinations with my spouse. Take a family holiday every few years alternating a domestic trip and an international trip. Collect artifacts from all the places that I visit and have a little museum of my own for friends and family.

Book Shelves Adorning the Reading Room
I desire to own a library of my own with books that I have cherished since childhood and the ones that have found the way into my eyes over the years. I desire a collection of fiction and nonfiction to feed my soul.

Sweet Home king size
Possess a house with a lawn and kitchen garden and make it my home, one that is big enough for my kith and kin so that we celebrate life together and to own a bus so that my entire family goes out together. Yes, that is a bus! As for a cozy, trip a bike or an SUV will suffice.

My time, My space
Take time out to learn a new art or language and finish that course unlike my present situation. Try new cuisines and experiment with cooking (You see fikar aspect is taken care off!), Do pottery (ummm! Love that smell of clay), learn calligraphy.

Catch forty winks
A dear wish of mine is to take an uninterrupted sleep, a luxury that is just a mechanical routine now.  Befikar I wish to go to bed without making plans for the next day in my mind; would love if the natural body alarm wakes me instead of the bedside tick tock (clock).

Hope some magic wand strokes this bucket list to switch the wish content into reality.  Who knows what form the genie will take? He may actually be any person next to us or maybe he is already busy granting the wish #BefikarUmarBhar.

Did I hear someone say “Tathaastu” (So be it!) or are my ears ringing.

Coming out of the dreamland one can be #BefikarUmarBhar only if one plans the life for not only the day, week or month, but also the years ahead. A backup plan for the family in terms of security and funds is inevitable in today’s world. We pave the path for the next generation. A tension free and happy childhood lays the foundation for a happy tomorrow.

Written in response to “Tell us about the top five things on your Bucket List that you would do if you were #BefikarUmarBhar” on Happy hours @ indiblogger

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Let's Paint The Town Red Honey!

It had been months since they both had spent some quality time together.

Sia complained to Ram how their lives had become monotonous.

Ram shared her thoughts, so by the evening he was ready with a plan to escape the chaotic life and spend one day without kids and family. Just the two of them like before.

So at night after she had put the children to sleep, was about to lie down he bent down on her ears, and whispered, “Tomorrow, let us paint the town red!

She looked at him approvingly and assured him how she loved the surprise. Before things could mature further, their little one pulled her close for a tight embrace. Alarmed that the lad might be awake they went to sleep.

Morning they left for the little adventure trip leaving the children in the care of their granny. The little lad got his approval from granny to play in their room and forbid her to enter as they had some surprise.

After a relaxing and rejuvenating trip when the couple returned they were surprised to see that, the children were not grumpy but elated and vibrant. They sensed something fishy but went with the tea and snacks.

Midway the little lad broke the ice. “Mummy, we have a surprise that you both will like”

“We both have decided to help you so today we started working from our house. Hope you will love it” they said in unison as they took their parents to the room.

Aghast they looked at the room that had crayons, paints, and pencil adorning the walls all in colour red. The narration in the background explained how they too wished to fulfill the desire of their father” let us paint the town red!

Unable to react to the reasoning, Ram and Sia forgot the anger and sat where they stood laughing loudly with tears rolling down hugging the children and each other tightly. As they clung to each other Ram spoke as if making a declaration while the children sat looking at their father approvingly ” next time we shall paint the town red together. “

WRITTEN FOR Wordy Wednesday #5

February 17, 2015

Reserved Sentiments #Tears

As she was standing at the bus stop waiting to catch her bus for home her heart continued to flutter incessantly. She looks around as if confirming that the resonance was unheard outside. Tickling her senses, the news of his arrival, had left her to meet head-on with the inexperienced emotions.

The positive vibes indicated the happy meet up waiting for the next day.

However, this happiness was short-lived as he called up and broke the news that he could not come, as his ticket did not confirm. Fumbling for words, she responded with an "okay".

Though they both were introverts and exchanged few words, still this silence was uncalled for. It had been quite a while since the day they were engaged and in this span, the heart had developed an edge over the mind. They longed to meet each other.

“It is okay dear”, he said.

“Dear” he had called her for the first time and nothing could be more heart rendering than this. She wished she could cry.

“Are you all right?” mom asked her as she reached home.

“Yes I am fine, just tired. I had to wait for the bus so…” she lied.

Her Heart had stopped beating it seemed. The energy had drained and she wished to sleep. So, she excused herself and went for a nap.

“Get up. He is on the phone.”

“Why is your phone switched off? He says he has been trying to reach you since an hour.” Her mother stood over her head shouting at her.

Uninterested in this conversation she just took the phone from her mom without giving any response.

A heavy voice enquired if she was fine.

“Yes, all is good and I was tired so I was sleeping.” She replied.

“I am sure, you are telling the truth however if you want I will come by flight,” he said.

She muttered that it was not required, however, in her heart she wanted him to fly over to her if it was the solution.

As they say stupid heart and its silly desires.………………………………………………………………………………

She got up next morning with a heavy head and heart. Thinking she was unwell, the family had started the normal day without disturbing her.

“No one cares for me. As it is, this is a weekend ruined by an unconfirmed ticket.  ” she thought.
As she sat, sulking in her room the phone rang again. It was he. She decided against picking up the phone but then picked it up.

 “Good afternoon dear,” he said.

She found it taunting as to what was so good about that particular afternoon and greeted back in a blunt voice.

“By the way, do you plan to sit like that in that nightdress the whole day or are we going out somewhere.”  He grilled her.

Surprised she looked around to find him at her door.

Tears started trickling down her cheeks as she realized that he had literally flown over to her overnight.

 She blushed, gushed towards him; hiding in his arms ... and the tears never stopped.

Written in response to #tears ‘... and the tears never stopped'

February 12, 2015

I Think I Never Fell in Love, Just Floated Along...

Do not ask me about love for I do not know what it is. However, I have this feeling every time I am in his company that makes me see things in different light, where even the chaotic crossings of my city cease to exist, the noise turns inaudible, and there is just him and me.

Hello, I guess I do not know traditional kind of love.

How do people know if they are in love? Actually, how do they know if love is the destination or just a beginning of something that no one has felt yet? Love does form the basis of a relationship but there are more emotions needed to hold on that relationship. In case of love, that we share there is a teaspoon of friendship, a pinch of jealousy, loads of trust and heap of care.

We have been together for almost half a decade and have rarely exchanged gifts and cuddly tokens of love. However, we try to be there for each other emotionally physically or as a mental strength whenever required and as situation permits.

Neither do we celebrate days and events as they appear on the calendar year nor are there letters that pledge to our oath of togetherness or feelings. Still, we try to take time out for each other whenever possible to celebrate our togetherness. We gift each other the space to grow as an individual and an unspoken contract of commitment.

We have our own bad days when the understanding level almost touches rock bottom, as a third party it may seem a cold war but then the next moment we start talking. Actually, we may be sulking inside but keep upfront and eventually forget the cold war that existed.

Another thing is that I do not expect anything in return for anything I do, nor does he have any notions of that sort so we fail the love test again. Do not think we can be lovers as we are contrary to every traditional belief about love and dove.

I am no authority on love, but I feel it should be about the two people involved and in an unadulterated form. Coming to you, what is your take on love did you fall in love or have you risen to a magical echelon of your own?

February 11, 2015

My Cuddly kiddiewink

The reason I love this life is a little angel residing in my heart.

Who makes my day complete as he embraces me in his tiny arms.

The twinkling eyes rendering my day bright and that sweet blabber caressing my soul alive.

February 10, 2015

Tick this poll – Politicks @ saddi dilli

No wonder, swachhta mission is progressing. The current Delhi poll trends clarify all doubts. The Jhaadoo(broom) is sweeping hither thither. The broom has gained the momentum and given these polls the feel of a twenty twenty match. Does this have anything to do with the world cup? We can have a debate on that today night at prime time.

As for now, the aam aadmi has paid heed to the cleanliness drive and tried to get a complete mandate for a single party. The broom has swept all others. Loyalties and deities have taken a back foot. May be this way the junta has given a tribute to laxman for he was the first creator of aam aadmi.

February 8, 2015

The night before the dawn. # thenight

CREDIT - public-domain-image

The emotions attached to getting married to her lover were missing.

Just about the time when the horizon changed its hue, her heart responded, “He takes pride in your beauty not in you. You are not his soul mate but a pride possession. It is never too late.”

Numbness in her core ceased to exist.

Written for #TheNight on Indiblogger IndiSpire

February 5, 2015

Season Love is Back

Love is in the air. It is sparing none this season. From social animals to birds, all are in its grasp.
All my life (well I am touching the third decade); I have seen such emotions and drama in Bollywood movies only. I was in my kitchen preparing the breakfast when something someone caught my attention.

White pigeon eating Royalty Free Stock Image
CREDIT - dreamstime/white-pigeon
Sitting on the pipes of the building across were a lovey dovey couple. The scene had everything that we cannot see hiding behind two uniting flowers. (See Bollywood Ishtyle). One turned left, the other followed suit. The second one turned so did the partner as if dancing to some tune I could not hear. One entered the house through a gap in the window, the other tagged along only to come out instantly as if someone was chasing them.

Fluttering eyes, caressing feathers, neck to neck they took the flight together. I could not help laughing and thinking why they say ‘kabootar ki Jodi’ (pigeon couple).

Pigeon fly Royalty Free Stock Images
CREDIT - dreamstime/pigeon-fly

I guess it was a hint that the season of love is around. Point taken but myself I believe celebrating the year and not just a day. However, February has come and soon we will have everything from hearts to teddies and cards in ‘Red’. By the way, do we still have card as in hard copy? Long time since I bought one.

Technically speaking one should not relate love solely to the couples. I think it relates to any two individuals. However, commercially speaking a couple’s adoration is more viable as, it adds an air of passion, romance to the whole thing. So the merchandise and gifts become more profitable. No girlfriend will scold her boyfriend or vice a verse for gifting something. However, with parents it is slightly different.

Anyways, coming back to my deep in love pigeons, let us see how their love blooms. I know I will not know if swapping has taken place still, a story is a story. I intend to write again if I ever see them again!

February 3, 2015

Reflecting Shadow

After a hectic schedule as I sit with a cup of coffee, I recognize the emptiness that fills my life. I have turned off the lights as usual. Moonlight falls from behind outlining my sole companion for life – ‘My inseparable dark form’.