March 31, 2015

Who Blocked My Stint As a Writer?

On a hot humid day as I boarded the last bus on the route I inadvertently became a passive participant in their conversation. Two young fellows were talking about a girl who sat at the other end of the bus apparently deeply engrossed in a book. Intrigued by their tete-a- tete the naive, novice writer in me began weaving a story until Paulo Coelho took over.

“Let’s talk to her. She looks approachable to me,” stated the tall one.
“Fine, you ask her.” Replied the cute one surrendering before the war had even started.
“No, you do it for I find it tough talking to girls.” The tall one opened his heart bare in front of his friend.
“What’s the big deal? She will either say yes or no.” replied the cute on with a bit of valor in his voice.

Temperature soared; my mind started over working as thirst clasped my throat while I sat bathing in the sweat. I knew this was my day evidently; my protagonist took steps towards his muse.

Excuse me, (pause) Brida, he said.

Well, He already knew her name, fantastic, I thought; my eyes focused on the two. Things were moving faster than I had presumed.

“Can you please tell me where you bought this book, as it is out of stock in major bookstore?” ‘Brida’ he said pointing towards the book.

March 30, 2015

When She Found Herself

While walking through the forest she revisited the path her life had treaded. Life had been straight out of a happy movie until she lost him.

Death did not do them apart for she had lost him to another woman half their age leaving her with self-complexes and doubts.

As she walked aimlessly, she saw bright light shimmering through the canopy as if a divine signal welcoming her through the entrance of a new life.

She felt a sudden change and entrusted upon herself the new ‘she’ promising to pick up the pieces of life and coming out flourishing.

Lillie McFerrin Writes
word prompt: ENTRANCE

March 27, 2015

Sweat and Pearls

COURTESY - puppypearls

Sweating profusely, she finally sat on her bed. She had misplaced his first gift to her that too on her first wedding anniversary. As she pondered over the events of the day, her pup cuddled next to her. Irritated she was about to shove it away when thrill enveloped her. The pearls adorned puppy's neck.

March 26, 2015


Cannot feel its beat, but there is turmoil in the heart 
Appears calm, but has no rest in the brightness or in dark
As emotions, surge between present and past.


March 25, 2015

The Case Of Curious Granny

I know you can sense that air of secrecy as I see mystified written all over you.
However, my lips stay sealed regarding the celebrations on your hundredth birthday.
The special gift is your friends you have longed to meet for long.

March 23, 2015

Digital India - Turning Dreams Into Reality

COURTESY - mapsofindia
A young country in its growing years needs ample resources and inputs for a steady growth with lucrative output. The work that needs to be done is not restricted to the grass root level but several different strata of the society for faster results. Our nation is going through such a phase and progressive outlook is the need of the hour. Beyond the social gaps, the life needs a new foothold that we will achieve only if each of us has a vision beyond the normal and a sight that congregate at some point to lead our country.

One such initiative is digitalizing the country to bring closer the spread of mind power and manpower. The increased connectivity will help provide various facilities to the far stretched places and bring closer the resources and skills hidden from the main stream. Villages will have an increased exposure, the drift toward the cities may eventually slow down as the villages, and small towns have access to the technology.

March 22, 2015

Happiness and Me

I believe happiness is the most sought after feeling in the world. There are no defined parameters, which guarantee a uniform flow of this feeling. While for some people, happiness lies in meeting the deadlines and achieving goals there are others who find it when feeding an empty stomach or looking after a stray animal. To each his own sense of contentment, as long as it is not at the cost of someone else’s feelings or life.

March 19, 2015

Delusion and Hope

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Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland – © Rosario Fiore
Hidden amongst the basalt columns I prayed for egress. The tide had swept me away as our little ship trembled in the storm. Shivering with fear and cold my senses eluded any possibility of existence as I sat cursing my surroundings.

Eventually, hope rose among the laid down environment as the rescue team descended. I felt relieved as they saved me from the clasp of the isolated land unaware that, columns played guardian to my soul as my men fought with death in the rough tides.

The green and the grey thus gave a new colour to my life forever and nature took my side while we beat the Fear.

This Post was originally written for 'The Grammar Ghoul Press", flash fiction challenge.

March 18, 2015

Moving On

Space to grow has shrunk
We have split into
 You and me.

Though, we may share
The same roof
Still, in our hearts,
We stay aloof.

Sounds can no longer
Hide the silence
So I move on…

March 16, 2015

Celebrating Life #together

Happily arranged into our marriage we soon realized that we were destined to be together though being the lazy social souls we were, we needed a catalyst to cross that threshold to bounce into each other. Therefore, we required the people who helped the ‘kaaynaat’ to keep us together.

Unlike many other couples of our age, we defied all rules of the newly engaged. Though we resided in the same city we would still not meet every week. No, we did not loathe each other maybe it was plain ignorance to the new whirlpool of emotions that did not made us feel safe within each other’s limits.

March 15, 2015

Endangered and In Danger - Girls of the Goddess

Glistening gold, cover her over all
A wife, mother, or sister with a torn soul
Support to family; a soothing smile
She is scared to walk alone, even a mile.

Raised on pedestals
Looked down upon, in homes
Prayed for fertility and prosperity
She is choked inside the womb.

Footwear do not enter
Where she stands tall.
Beaten by him in room with shoes
Once he leaves deity’s hall.

The very form in temple
He does not touch with dirty hands
Gets caught in his filthy intentions
Once she is out on roads.

March 13, 2015

Shadows of Silence

Sitting on the lush green grass
Holding hands in a tight grasp
Letting the eyes do the talking 
They sat watching the sun do down.

In their own world they stood
Feeling the thump of the heart
The hands unfurled a rhythm 
As the fingers lay on each other’s heart.

Precious smiles they both shared 
 A lifelong silence precious than words
The abandoned doors of their hearts;
 Invisible to others made way for the wordless lovers.

To the world, their life seemed dark
They laughed at the ignorance with a stark.
As in a world full of pretense
Their love flourished in those shadows of silence.

This week’s prompt "Shadows of Silence "comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger,
Rajlakshmi Boruah

March 11, 2015

Guardian Angel

Image result for guardian angel

She whose blood does not match mine;
She who raised me up with love, care
Without materialistic bribe; 
Whose name I do not bear
Beside her now I stand.

I owe them my flesh and blood
Nevertheless, I thank my nanny instead.

Sunny Side Up!

Life is what I make of it,
Crossroads strengthen my reason to carry on.
Parents or friends,
Love or profession,
Marriage or promotion,
Children or my space,
I chose the appropriate
Switching over whenever necessary
Life for me is sunny side up!

March 10, 2015

Point Blank

Sometimes I wish that the senses should go blank for a few seconds. People should just observe the flow around them, imbibing the essence of life, reading people, and relaxing the mind.

No, I am not suffering from loneliness or depression it is just that I do not wish not to be a part of the speculating or judging games. For me speculation is an unknown mind error that creeps into human soul without signs of existence. Speculations develop over time; may bear good results, but over indulgence makes even the simplest road appear a maze. The other worst trait a human can develop is being judgmental. While we are judging people, we are grading them, but as each person is as different as chalk and cheese so how can we judge on common parameters. These traits may satisfy our ego but if you look deep into their existence, they point towards a conflict with the self.

Therefore, once a while to shipshape the thoughts with the soul, I wish to reset the body and soul to make sense out of everything in the simplest of forms.

March 9, 2015

The Unsent Letters


Anu, Mira, Maddie and Adi shared a life of love and bonding. There were each other’s families while they stayed away from home. As time progressed, Mira and Adi realized a mutual change of feelings towards each other. Though none said a word about it, still it was an open secret. The girls giggled about it and the guys speculated over it together.

The plan to solemnize the love into deeper meaning was the ideal step. She knew the fruit of love had ripened and any day the formal proposal would knock her door. The friends who were their trusted path would help them through.

This was their final year and in a few weeks, they were going to tread their respective paths. Nostalgia, hopes for the future and promises marked the start and end of their day. Before the love story could, start destiny played its card. Adi made an emergency exit. The gang had come to drop him off. All were sad but what he saw in Mira’s eyes made him feel special and light. He made up his mind to profess love to the Mira once he reached home.

That day Adi had sent the pink perfumed proposal for Mira. While he waited for her reply days transformed to months and months to years as he waited for her.

She too had felt a special sensation as he held her hand to bid his final bye. She knew he would write to her. As she waited for his letter, she had memorized the reply to his proposal but she just found herself turning the months of the calendar.

Meanwhile the communication between the four lapsed, as they got busy with placements and life. Once a while they chatted or were texting each other but no one picked up the topic. Adi thought Mira had politely declined the request and he respected her for that while she thought her feelings were just infatuation and in reality, nothing ever happened.

Somewhere down the years the paths crossed and the friends married; a sort of cross connection. Adi and Mira deduced their explanations for the letter unaware that the letters lay unsent. Mira received no letter and Adi received no reply due to the scheme of their respective spouse Maddie and Anu. 

When the group ceased to exist nobody knows, but the work on the challenge began the day Maddie and Anu saw the eyes of their friends at railway station. The gaze that Adi and Mira shared could melt hearts but the hearts of their pals could not bear it so they became partners in crime to marry the ones they loved!

Written for Indispire #UnsentLetters.

March 6, 2015

Ape My Love

As he sat hidden among the trees gazing at her while she was swinging, a lump went up his throat.
She came across irresistible to his lonely heart. She was the destination of his nomadic life.
Her laughter raised his ears, tickled his soul, as his eyes fixed on her, imprinting her forever-in his heart.

This is fiction-55.

This post has been written for Prompt of the Month; a feature of Writer's Ezine

March 5, 2015

Look Up - Love, Life, and Hope Awaits

Though my life is not a rags to riches story but then I have seen moments that changed my view to the world drastically. Uprooted from the land I called my own to a place strange to my senses I realized life is not about ‘Happily ever after’ but about ‘…and the journey continues’.

Hello, I am the face behind the words that brought you to my world. Life changed drastically once we shifted our base. With two children of school age, my parents had to make the mark in the new town. Life seemed scattered and the hopes were battered. The first thing on their agenda was a job for themselves. Somehow, they managed to earn the bread butter for us kids without compromising on position and salary. This was within three months of hard work and toiling without thinking about their health and unwinding.

We were educated in premier institutions and raised self-reliant and compassionate towards life. Things gradually improved and with years, we were moving with the same pace with the world around us. Once while I sat pondering over the childhood memories I realized how hard my parents exerted themselves to create for us a world that was parallel to our peers. We had a somber living but they coached us to live with pride with whatever we possessed on our own and not at the expense of others.

One incident that made a mark in my life was during our early days while we had to leave the current rented place. It was a live example that God never betrays those who strive for a result and keep faith. While looking for a place on rent my parents had several criterion in mind like proximity to school, locality, conveyance (as we had none of our own) etc. so choices were reduced to few. As the deadline reduced to a week and the options were negligible, the environment at home turned gloomy. They both were smiling in front of us but then we too had learnt to see through the mask.

It was one hot day when my mother called at the neighbors place to inform that some relative of her colleague had offered to rent us their home so she would be late and that papa was with her. Anxiously we waited for her to come and when she did, she told us the incident that filled us with optimism and hope for the future.

Her version of the story –
“The school was closing for the day when a colleague of mine I have rarely interacted with came to me with the proposal of a house on rent.  I was shocked, as I had never told him about us looking for a place. Seeing the confusion on my face, he let me know that he heard from someone in the staff and as a relative of his leaving the country had to give his house on rent. The catch is that we have to sign the agreement within two - three days. However, it means we can shift at the earliest.”

Our mouths open we sat imbibing the words. How things fit into each other is still beyond our imagination?  The maze of life sorted itself at the right moment. The best thing is two people unknown to each other had their worries solved via each other.

  As my mother says when the situations get out of hand, some angel will restore the state of affairs in ways that are beyond our imagination.

Written for the Happy hours contest on Indiblogger  for

credit - Look Up Stories

Vital Five for Women

CREDIT - care first

When I saw this word prompt ‘essential’, I thought about retracing back my steps. I coaxed myself to try next week’s BAR prompt. To be true I was blank unable to find the masala for this word prompt. Sad I left my desk wrote another post and went for lunch.

Whoa! The organic molecules worked wonders by activating my brain cells. By the time I was through with the exercise (eating), I had a vague idea about my post. You see we women may appear to proceed further but at the back of the mind, the challenge lingers on.

What is essential to me? The actual meaning is available in dictionaries, but the way I perceive it is something whose essence in life is irreplaceable and replicable. It is like absorbing something deep inside than superficial smear.

If you like, the following five essential stats you may attribute it to the lunch I had.
  • I strongly believe we need to empower women with right to education and self-reliance. The reason I think it as essential is because women raise a family and a progressive lady certainly is the first step towards a progressive society.
  • Access to nutritional food and hygienic conditions is essential for someone who never shies away from multitasking. A healthy happy soul from childhood until her death unless, God forbids some other calamities beyond repair happens.
  • A space for her is something all women cherish. Space is not the literal ‘area’ but an environment where she has time for herself. A time she spends with her thoughts, hobbies, and focuses on her journey is essential. When she grows, she automatically nurtures the connected people.
  • All women should develop an essential part of loving themselves bearing in mind not to compare it with vanity kind of love or selfish ardor.
  • Lastly, an essential part of the women that often takes a backseat is her lingerie. Really, any good health magazine would tell how important it is for the general health of women. No matter how good your dress is if the inner wear is not the correct one it retrogrades the dressing up and the general facet of a person.
If I did, justice to the prompt or not I am unaware, but in the course of writing this post, I gained an insight that I was unaware of in normal state of mind.

This Week: Word Prompt (ESSENTIAL) comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger, Roshan Radhakrishnan.

March 4, 2015

A Human Body's Revelation - Don't Clown With Me

She saw what the actions and lifestyle was doing to her, so she decided to write a letter describing the inflicted pain and the consequences, but she could not post it!

Dear Human,

That day I cried for help, but she gave a deaf ear to it. Every day I would remind her of the consequences but to no avail.

Though she heard my cries every day, she did nothing to lend me support. She ignored me as long as she could and then one day the inevitable happened as she could barely move her limbs. Her oversight was going to cost her, her life. I could not even rejoice her pain as eventually it meant my death.

Hello, I am the human body the one that gives a physical form to each person on this earth. I tender the souls of the people irrespective of their nature. What do I get in return? Hours and years of abuse due to lack of exercise, imbalanced food consumption, and stress. I deserve better treatment for I let you be what you dream.

During the early years I can stretch myself to the limits and rejuvenate to my previous self however as years pile on my strength to overcome the misdeeds gets slow down. However, for those who have had a soft corner for me since the beginning, I have proved my mettle. They have gradually groomed me so that in later years I lose none of my minerals and nutrients or my agility and be a good part of them.

CREDIT - wikicommons
This is not a singular case. Although apart from verbal means of communication, people see no other form of thoughts exchanging but I can vouch that the body language of each body conveys its message to its counterpart. Sometimes the appearance of the person deceives the true state of the body. At times, we pity each other for each of us gets exposure to all types of superficial means to glorify us though none sees the hollowness that is building up inside.

I like to see myself as a healthy form in the mirror irrespective of my body size. How I wish to speak up each time someone tries to alter the body according to the fashion that each of us is distinct with a different body type so as long as you are fit and healthy (mind you healthy is not being obese or fat) keep going strong. Do not follow the herd race.

Another aspect I wish to share is that I am more relaxed when dear little mind is at peace. Please convey to all that everyone should try to keep their nerves calm. People should learn to control what they need to imbibe and what they need to put away.

Our stay on earth is in years. A century is a great accomplishment but then a healthy century is rare. As we grow, the senses weaken so start paying attention to your body early. On behalf of all body types, I bless you to stay happy, stay alert, and have sharp senses towards any bodily changes.

Take care,
Your's inseparable
(Human) Body
Spicy Saturday

March 3, 2015


Form disappears,
Fragrance lingers with soul;
Upsurge and surrender to fate
Move on.

An attempt with the Cinquain (pattern 2-4-6-8-2) for the March poetry slam at yeah write.

March 2, 2015

Satiates an Empty Belly and Heart - Dream Roti

I care not about the shape of the roti as long as the person serves with love and without notorious intentions. I myself make round rotis but then I do not mind if someone keeps, a non-round roti on my platter if my tummy is starved.

Here is one roti I thoroughly enjoyed. The shape that is coming up is beyond recognition but then my three-year-old tries making it for his mamma as mamma must be hungry after feeding the family.

It is human nature to crib about the other person to demean them. Ha haa haaa! This is my response to such social culprits who make it tough for the person cooking for them. Who would not want to make their dish presentable? Some learn this art early some late however, when people use the lack of practice of roti making as a weapon against the cook the person serving it gets put off this roti cooking  and no longer takes interest to learn it. It is reduced to task that they hate.

A roti by any chance is not the mirror to what a person is? Will people not eat the non-round rotis if they are hungry without alternative? Naah! Paapi paet ka jo sawaal hai. Therefore, I say again if someone is not intentionally serving non round-rotis, shape does not matter.

Waise, Indians in general have some problem with ‘wheat’. Don’t they even fret over wheat complexion? “Dayaa, iss wheat mein kucch to gadbad hai?”