April 11, 2015

Its Not Black Or White - Its Gray!

COURTESY - modernmixing

Pulling me over to safety
Dragging me through the rough
Giving me escalating smiles
Pressing me hard to the ground
One takes me through the light
Other shows me the opposite of bright.

As the Yin and Yang
Sing their song
I realized life is best lived
While they try
Balance it out.

April 10, 2015

To Google Or Not To Google - Is That The Question?

Life without being Google(ish)
Translates to a life so sluggish
Here everything owns a stand
It’s magic without a wand!
It is one stop dictionary
It solves half the mysteries
Sidelining the paper 
It has a wide audience to cater.

April 6, 2015

Dare to be True #Sorry

Apologies following an intentional sore
Is what angers, the soul more.
Nothing can give respite
Give solace or restore the pride.

Only way to penance
Is to be true to self,
Respect the feelings of others.

April 3, 2015


Ditya sat on the sofa drinking coffee when she heard something, familiar to her ears. Not able to intercept the words she went to the window. The children were playing outside.

“Tippy tippy top, what colour do you want?”The group shouted in unison.

Laughing at herself for her inquisitiveness, she went back to her old chore, drinking coffee. Then, it struck her that the word colour her made her get up from her place.

Colour has played such an important role in her life.  While growing up they would taunt her about her colour, when she was of the considerable marriageable age again colour played its cards, as it became the sole criterion of saying no to her. Unable to find the reason she began to see only black around her.

She was perplexed as the fair wanted to go for a tan and the counterparts went for bleach or any other solution. Unable to find a match she got consent to go to university where she met Peter. The rainbow overpowered the dullness as love bloomed.

Fifteen years of marriage and they were still going strong. She felt relieved that not only she did not have to compromise for her colour but had found a man worth loving and living for.

April 2, 2015

Take That Plunge Climb Up New Heights

Barren land
Where life stands no chance
Hungry souls
Clinging to hopes 
Hopes seem endlessly tall.

There comes the hero
With a grace so grand
Relaxes the soul
Barren turns into fertile land.

April 1, 2015


Autumn had always been special to Mimi. Why was that, none of us had known until one day she called us beside her bed. Her bed, that was next to the window.

She sat there looking outside as if imbibing the nature. Realizing our presence, she started mumbling as she revealed, “It was in autumn when your grandpa and I first met and we promised never to part. However, last year just after the fall, he broke his promise or so I thought as we had vowed to celebrate each autumn together. I was wrong. This autumn we shall reunite as he waits to keep his promise. We shall celebrate all autumns together….”

Without finishing the sentence, she left us forever on the first day of autumn with a smile on her face.