July 29, 2015


courtesy - pretty bubbles
Transparent, Wispy
Floating sparkles flying high
Life akin Bubbles
Colorless yet reflecting
Fragile yet enthralled with heights

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July 28, 2015

Calm not Vulnerable

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Hidden fury
Beneath the calmness
Waits for a challenge
Ready to take revenge
Silence is not weakness
It is endurance at peak
Although they never speak
They are hurt deep
Do not insist –
That they speak
For the turmoil once, open
Shall take one chance
Then it will be –
A clean sweep
Those who inflict pain
Will have no reason to blame
For what they sowed
They shall reap!

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July 24, 2015

In search of Warm Snow

PHOTO PROMPT © Dee Lovering

The metallic sheen outside the window tempts me; the polished crystals hanging on the window beckon me to feel them.

I wish to abide their call but then I am a child whose universe is confined to this room. This is the optimal environment for me; conditioned to a particular temperature. I long to play with the snowman; dig into the snow to make snowballs and throw them at friends.

I know I this is tough but cannot the sun for one day give its warmth to the white mushy snow while I play like the others. If only ...

Cherished for LIfe

personal photo
This picture is an interpretation of how my little one sees us. He made the drawing when he had just started his pre-school. The mamma, papa, and baby flowers gave a vista to his world that is confined; his first expression about love.

Although, it is nothing expensive or ornamental but it holds a special place in my heart and is probably the finest gift I have ever received. It embellishes my workstation and in times when low phase ambushes me, it fortifies my spirits.

Sometimes children teach us tough lessons of life in the simplest ways. If a gift has, personal feelings attached to it and a uniqueness characteristic of the person giving it, the memories rarely fade away.

In addition, love needs no words or a decoration if it is there it automatically comes forth in the gestures. The wavy lines and the chaotic coloring gave me a feeling that is unmatched for and beyond words in my vocabulary.

July 23, 2015

Host Me A Dinner

I simply love dinner parties.  It is a time to socialize,  let loose yourself , free your mind of daily hassles. However best dinner parties are where you are either a host or a guest. One may ask what is left then. Let me rephrase  it. Who is left then?

The 'leftovers' types (If I take the liberty of using this phrase) are somewhat in between the two. They are the ones sent for a toss.

One such example would be a  party thrown by a close radar human. All dressed  and ready for the evening you made a vibrant entry. A few snacks and the trouble  starts.  It is not actually a trouble but then mind was  so convinced  for a relaxing  period that even little work looked taxing. Halfway through your body and mind start getting distracted. The darling that you are at these moments; you are left me in charge of meals and drinks. 

If it is a mutual get together you are ready for a little stir here and a little  pour there but an invite for a formal  party changes the equation. However, on my part I prefer that guests who come to my place or event do not have to toil themselves. I make it a point that enough  help is there to help the people that have come.

A party even if it is held at home should leave the guests with cherished  moments. It should be engaging but not to the levels of getting  to the  nerves  of the  people. 

There is no bigger pleasure than being served  hot food or tea at the end of a hectic work schedule. As for the people  who are tossed at the party  are the ones that are invited  as guests  but end up substituting  hosts at all vacant  positions of host chores. All goes in vain when the crowd is busy chatting and you are supervising a snack service or a drink service.  You are doing all or major chores of the host but the party album has not a single  good shot of the lovely dress you wore or the new lipstick  shade that  had adorned your lips. The few clicks you see were better buried than being part of the album.

To add salt to your burns every group on chat, every few clicks on social networking site are about the party that left you in a lurch.  You are praised  by one or two for what you did keeping your sores wet forever. No one sees the agony of your soul that had accompanied your  body to that invite. You are then left to think  of your status that was neither a host  nor  the guest.

An off the trail event cannot wither the soul. Personally I prefer a group of close people eating together,  chatting  away till wee hours, a little help here, a little argument there over a party with some known and some unknown faces still attend most invitations that come my way.

Love or social obligation or both got to attend one this over the weekend too. 

July 22, 2015

Long Buried Desire

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham
courtesy - © 2015, Barbara W. Beacham
The petroglyphs told the story of an unusual event.” said Max.

While all tried to interpret the etchings, little Tim could not resist to put forth his readings; as he interpreted it as trees, spiral, ladders, and funny men, everyone seemed amused and laughed except the old man.

July 21, 2015


The word ‘belief’ instantly gives an image of believing in some supreme power beyond our vision and grasp.  However, it should not be restricted to believing in the religion or some power or even the relationships; it should start and terminate with believing in you. The rest should lie amid it.

It is very important to have faith in the power of ‘I’. No matter how tedious a task or how rugged is a path believing in our soul keeps the spirits alive. The Torch of hope never diminishes for those have faith in them. One should not interpret it to over estimating our self. It is about befriending our soul with the spirit of living.

When we believe in our self, it is visible, as confidence to the observer. There is firmness in character that enhances the personality. The firmness is not equivalent to rigidity as belief gives an ease to sort out matters and chose a path. A person with faith is capable of weighing the pros and cons without letting the ego budge in, as inside they are aware of their strength to strive to achieve their goals.

The biggest enemy of humans is ‘self doubt’ especially if accompanied with ego and pride hamper the thoughts and blind the judgments. The path we tread may be wrong but we should not be wrong.

Believe in yourself
Believe in your deeds
Don’t let that turn you wooden
Ignorant when others’ plead.

Believe in your path
Believing your soul
Don’t let arrogance take over
Life is more than, just goals.

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July 20, 2015


Courtesy - leaderonomics.com
I have a learnt a trick to do away with the gloom and blues that take over me. When nothing seems to work and the mind is but equivalent to a void, when the heart loses to spontaneity and intuition makes me ponder I take to affirmations.

I may not get solutions but, gradually the self-doubt starts melting, which may be attributed to diversion and positive vibes that evolve. It relaxes the nerves. My mother introduced me to this phenomenon.

July 17, 2015

Let's be free for Once

Drowned in the colours of independence
Swaying to the patriotic tunes
People enjoy this day of freedom
As gazette holiday cuts through their busy schedule.

Is this, the independence that we sought?
Is it for this day that they fought?
What freedom are we talking?
Whose life are we mocking?

courtesy - economictimes

Games that Mind Plays

PHOTO PROMPT- © Sandra Crook
PHOTO PROMPT- © Sandra Crook
Feeling lonely in her den, she took to the roads bearing the brunt of the scorching heat, as she needed a breath of fresh air.

July 16, 2015

Chasing the Sunset

courtesy -magpietales
Even though it has been years since he is gone, still her eyes keep wandering towards the rising and the setting sun every day of the year.

She never leaves her house; “what if he comes in my absence?” is her fear.

July 15, 2015


I sat
Under the shady mango tree
Played hide and seek
With family

Climbed the tree
To fetch mangoes
Saw you hidden behind
 That shrub of rose

Held tightly
 By your glimpse
Missed a beat

While Dreaming - 
How, it all began.

July 10, 2015

Let’s Talk About Healthy Balanced Diet, Honey!

courtey - thumbs.dreamstime
Aren’t we all deep into being healthy? Aren’t we scrutinizing literature and sites for that special trick to do away with that flabby look or those love handles? Weren’t we deciding upon a new diet that seems to be trending to get a toned down look? So, should we opt for a crash diet or go on a diet regime with some exercise? 
With all the confusion, the body consoles the mind that better start next time than fret over the right and wrong about the way of losing weight. Well, being healthy is not about a particular body size, a chiseled jaw line, or a waist to die for; it is concerned about a healthy body with a wholesome mind and a healthy soul that accompanies it all irrespective of body type.

What, Eyes Don't See #CinderellaStory

Every girl is a princess, in her own sense; so to be her prince, a boy needs to have that perfect pair of heart and mind that appreciates her individuality and essence. Even if Cinderella was ugly, yet virtuous, kind and courageous while her stepsisters were pretty the prince would chose her if he were her true soul mate.

I am pretty, that's for sure.
You may not agree, but I know.

courtesy - disney.wikia.com
Ask my mother what she feels
She will tell you I am her Queen.
Ask my father, what he has to say.
He'll make it clear
Seeing my face keeps his problems away.

July 9, 2015

Other Side

Bathers, 1950 by George Tooker
courtesy - magpietales
As she waited for her turn in the shower, a silhouette caught her attention. Although the glimpse was short but she was sure.

Bet a Pound - It Bound them Together

It started with a pound.
She thought 
She heard a sound
It was cling
Followed by a clang
It had fallen on the ground.

courtesy - clipartguide

July 8, 2015

Nature's Song

Singing songs
Some cold some warm
Nature turns the hands
Of the clock.

 Tick tock Tick tock
Move the hands of the clock
Times are changing
Time never stops.

Singing songs
Some short some long 
Nature fine tunes

Man and his wrongs.

That Ant On the Wall

Sad and disheartened
My stare is stalled
There I see it crawling
That dusty gray wall.

I pity the little soul
I know it will fall
I wait for that plunge
When it meets the grunge.

Breaking my pessimism
Reviving my faith in altruism
It has taught me to move on
Hold myself strong.

Fall it is, outside the window
I see dry leaves, naked trees
Adorning these city streets
Forgot it’s their Protection
From winter shadows
 Accompanying chilly breeze.

Fall, I experienced too
Now I know its reason
I know I have the potential to rise
I begin my new season.

July 6, 2015

Before It is Too Late #MondayMusings

Lately I have seen what the body does to you when you ignore its signs (read cry) for help. I had a relapse of flu within a fortnight but unlike earlier years, my strength gave in this time. It is in times like this that you realize that paying heed to the advice given by your mom may have benefited now.

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July 3, 2015

Which Fall is Worst?

As she sat telling her story, we could see her drowned in her past.

“Although we laughed about it later but, that moment was scary for the two of us, “said Anita. 

courtesy - daisygreenmagazine

July 1, 2015

Phoenix Amongst the Nescient Mortals #WordyWednedsay

Image result for drown
courtesy - geum-song
Hanging around to see her fall
Waiting for her to beg and crawl
Happiness peeps through seemingly worried faces
As they wish to erase her traces.

Noticing the smile on her face
They think she has lost the case
Blind to her potential
Unwary of her determination
They prepare for her cremation.

courtesy - digital-photography-school
Lo and behold
She shall rise from the ashes
Healed of scars and scratches
Her soul stays torn in this innings
Guiding her through new beginnings.

Feeble of body
Strong from the heart
She knows the true victory
She shall win
Even if you take a head start.

Courtesy - imgarcade

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