October 14, 2015

Nothing to Me

Sometimes people come in our lives that create a chaos of sorts and do not let our lives sail through even the silent waves without stirring and jerking us through.

Scheming and plotting they are they are busy mending things for themselves less worried about its effect on other fellow beings.

Pretense is a mask that overshadows the normal lives of other people with its pompous yet false grandeur making prey of other people who are emotionally blind either or have not yet been part of the  venomous effect yet to know its capabilities. As for people smart enough to understand who fail to react, I find are in love or else scared as to how the society reacts to acquaintance hence, keep a blind eye or curtain on such deeds.

Nothing should be the status of such people, but the irony is that due to their brilliant acts in real life they are held high and their fire of wrong doings is given air to keep burning.

May be God-fearing people share space with them however, they should mean nothing to them.

Simply put they exist but are NULL and VOID.

Do you too have such extensions and relationships where you feel there is not space for growth or breathing?

Linking To ABC Wednesday

October 7, 2015


Juggling through the day with numerous chores
Struggling through the night with aches and sores
She refuses to give up or meet the ground
Determined to rise above life, above the crowd
Waking before the dawn
Sleeping after the house dozes off
She possesses a silken heart 
Is fully aware when her children act smart
She is the lifeline of the family
Full of love and sympathy
She is a MOTHER.

October 5, 2015

October sky

Sad, but I could not keep pace with the last month blog posting. As the month of October has started, I promised myself to keep alive the posts and bring back into momentum my visits to fellow bloggers write-ups.

October is special as it etches another year of ‘We’. Especially this October it seems breezier and the rains are adding an extra charm and effect after an almost dry monsoon. Everyone thought that the coming months would end up in dry spells but then the rains came to the rescue. Love those clouds and the rains.