March 31, 2016

#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal

The stage is all set and all the members are on stage. I am late but then as they say "Better late than never."

This is my first time at this mega blog event so am shaking a bit and nervous just like what one feels before the exams.

Initially, I thought about writing random posts and just participate in this blogathon however, the fear of losing momentum halfway made me take up a theme. Nothing out of the box but an attempt to stay true to this event.

As all will be time pressed I shall be putting forth short stories, flash fiction to be precise. Stories that deal with different emotions, feelings and thoughts. All are fiction posts but derive an inspiration from life.

So, my dear hosts, co-hosts and the blogmates  Bookmark this Blog now!


March 28, 2016


painting by David Ligare
We are different
As you, all can see,
However, our shadows gel,
Rendering inseparable - ‘WE’.

As I look up
Empty space is all
That I can see.
When you look down towards me
Your blushing face is-
All I can feel.

We may not be appealing together
Life is beyond what eyes can see.
You and me
Inseparable - WE

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March 8, 2016

WO(MEN) #womensday

"Mera naam Karega Roshan"

People of  the world who think that a son is the ultimate achievements of the world  it is time to realize that apart from carrying forward your surname your son does nothing extra that a girl can. Yes, there are limitations set for the girls as she leaves her childhood home to call someone else’s house her own but then that is not God made. She too can carry forward the name of her parental family if she keeps it but then it is unacceptable to the society. However, it is not adverse to the general climate of the world. As you can see that, global warming is already existent and the tsunami has swept several shores already.

 God-fearing beings do not hesitate a moment before aborting the fetus in the womb.  Which scripture has allowed it? No Praying, holy water or a holy trip can wash away the sin committed by this sort of a murder. Every six months people fast for the goddess and when one visits them, they choke her even before she enters our world.

A girl child who progresses in life is as much a pride for her parents as a boy. No one is superior to the other. Both the genders are equally required to maintain a balance on the earth. Due to the obsolete thinking and over the board pampering to the male child the men are from the beginning made to believe that the world belongs to men and the women are dependent on them.

We should teach our boys to be compassionate to the woman in general. It is not a man thing to treat women badly. Women may be weak physically but emotionally they are more sound and balanced. .

This is a vicious circle where some people think the world is cruel and it would be tough to raise a girl child in such a brutal environment. Well good thought, however, that does not give a license to anyone to take the right to live. Even more, a reason to teach the men to initiate the creation of a sociable environment for all women folks. Moral policing should be more in this direction.

The world will be more secure and lively if we teach our children to respect each other for who they are and not the strength they possess.


March 3, 2016


We humans are a susceptible race; our response to sensitive issues is as varied as we are from each other. Sometimes a word can elicit a reaction whereas there are times when deep issues seem ineffective on our soul.

So, is this perceptive nature good or bad? Well, the way I see things I feel that it works well in moderation but once it tippers off either side of the threshold the results are serious. Sensitivity towards reaction and people should not hamper the individuality of a person. We do not need to transform into this thin-skinned person that, any anyone alters the path we tread or influences us to such an extent that we do not remain answerable to ourselves also.

While we should take help from our fellows, but that does not mean that we leave our mind to rest. It is a sensible habit to take inputs, think over them, and then react or take action. We should not let guilt overcome our rational thinking to take decisions based on the society or the reactions of peers.

It is important that we learn to respect ourselves. Acceptance of others is a vital part of life however first we need to raise in our eyes others follow suit gradually. Start listening to yourselves. Intuition is a natural phenomenon, which all have though few tend to pay heed to it.

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