July 22, 2016


Dear life,

All this while, I was working hard for achieving a perfect life promising myself a break once things sort out. I totally forgot that you might have a plan of your own; sometimes I feel I heard your voice calling for some fun but maybe it is an illusion.

I am sorry that I made you dance to my tunes without paying heed to your music. Today, as I sit here looking back I see you have moved on while I was busy chasing dreams and desires.

 I know that you did leave an occasional hint about change but I overlooked it in my haste and as we could never synchronise our steps to live, the present called ‘TODAY’ went missing.

You may be angry with me but let us start again; let's enjoy the present while we work together for the future and this is not a command but a humble request.


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July 18, 2016


haiku realisation

July 15, 2016

Perfect is You!


The best friend you will ever have,
That one hand that can give you strength
Lead you through rough path,
That blessing in disguise,
That flickers through the dark
It is the candle of hope,
That burns in your heart.

What, appears perfect now
May not be perfect for you.
The path that looks easy to tread
May lead nowhere to
Let those desires ignite,
Let your work show your might.

Even if today, you crawl
Ahead of final brawl
Keep your soul sturdy
You are winning party.

Don’t give in
To your plight
Before the final flight.

Remember, Sun always follows the night!

July 14, 2016

A Reintroduction

 Everyone was with her except herself...

She did not know how she had reached here. Over the years, she never realized the distance she had traveled both in terms of time and in terms of space. It suddenly struck her; it had been 60 years since she had come on earth, around 35 years as an employee, 30 years as a mother, and 31 as a wife. Years as numbers never disturbed her. Today it was different. She was going to retire today.

Her stomach had butterflies as had been there 35 years back; the day she had joined the school. In keeping with the pace of life, so many things had taken a backseat. Well-known in the social circuits she had so many things up her sleeves. Still, she was feeling lonely inside. Something was amiss. As if, someone left behind in this journey of life.
Getting late was not her way of life. Therefore, she kept her thoughts aside and got ready for her farewell party. Her son was going to drop her to school and her husband would pick her up. Ideally, she should have been happy for this was a rare event. Yet, something did not feel right. Reaching school, she had pangs of nostalgia already swelling up her chest.

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She received a grand welcome. Emotions were at high. The party she attended was different from the ones she had attended before. The respect and love she was receiving overwhelmed her, still, she was lost. Then, the moment of realization came. A projector was set up.  It showed her colleagues sharing their experience with her and sending wishes. Finally, it captured her journey through the years. 

She saw something. Tears came down her cheeks. She made a quick visit to her past. Recalling events buried deep within her. She had seen herself. She realized what she was missing. She had left behind herself in this journey. She was not anywhere near the person who had started the journey. She had been best in all her relationships. The one place she had failed was with her. Now that the chaos had somewhat settled, she subconsciously had started to miss herself.

The realization had dawned on her late. Still, she promised herself to work upon herself and be the person she actually was. She would do all things that she had left midway or had not seen the sun due to other commitments.

Today was a great day for her. Today she had a reintroduction with herself.

How often do you get the time to think about yourself and do something that pleases your heart. The time manages you or can you handle the time?

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July 13, 2016

It's Time to Break the Cocoon...

Now that I have sat pondering over the stats of my blog I realise that we are as good as the liaison we do over the internet. However as the introvert, as I am, even the family members are spared the pain of reading the blog posts. Well, actually, the near  and dear ones have no idea that I even own a blog.

Wow! own sounds so great especially after a sabbatical that seems to be never ending! I do have something to my credit apart from the homework and the home ka work. (It is another thing that I have maintained office routine and and take each work as an assignment).

Coming back to the blog;  the little blog is often left unattended whenever the household is in the turbulent state (read functions, guests and travelling) as it is presumed that the Tip-tip on the keyboard is only for chatting or reading lifestyle article ( not entirely wrong but nowhere near truth either.

I dearly love this space and feel relaxed after spending some time either staring at the white screen or reading opinions ad words of other people. I really do not know if I actually wish to make it my bread and butter but I like it here. Sometimes I wish to link my profiles so I have my offline jaan pehchaan visit my site but then it is tough.

So while it may take few more years to come out of the cocoon and spread my wings I will have to be satisfied with all the little peaks that come over the span of this journey. With whatever little energy that is left by the end of the day or the little time, I get to leave the comments on other bloggers post, I can say I am moving ahead even if the pace is slow.

Share your story how you broke away the inhibition and rose ? 

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July 12, 2016

Beaten by the Weather and...

Matters of the heart are tough and those of the mind toughest.
This sad story of the ailing body may not go down well with some so kindly take responsibility of reading the rest.

I belong to the few who have active senses but are passive in reacting for the fear of losing ground.

I have digestion problem. I have a problem digesting the weird thoughts and norms that are biased. I understand they are the prognosis we give for the ever-increasing eve teasing and filthy activities but then the prognosis needs changes. The social doctors need to think of better ways like educating their children about respect and virtues that will help them survive guiltless rather than give them doses of morality every time someone gives a sacrifice.

My eyes are still adapting to the world. Well, if you attribute it to the fact that I am bespectacled and have not so normal vision you are near but most often I wish to visit an ophthalmologist every time I see an adult ape the younger generation just to appear cool. Well, there are people who carry themselves well and I fully respect them; actually, look up to them, however, I am old fashioned when changes happen just to please others. I do not belong to the generation” Yo!” but am happy in my skin rather than making myself available for free mockery.

More than what I just shared I have this frequent urge to visit an ENT, as I do not understand the reasons for doing some work just because “that is how it is supposed to be.” Maybe my ears are not functioning properly.  What kind of reason is that?

My ailing little nose is the only sense organ that works splendid! Every time there is a change of season, my nose like a loyal pet it foretells before the metrological department takes on duty. I have these bouts of sneezing that shake me from head to toe, holds-up my nerves making fragrances appear like fantasies. What would have I done with all the above problems had the nose not been there to take my mind off the conditions I suffer. Please bear for a while as I send my nose a flying kiss! Muah!

Now you may call it the womanly instinct but I give all the credit to my Sherlock Nose.  Who knows it results in opening the sixth sense to help me know if something fishy is cooking!

Do you have any such allergy or resistance towards societal norms too? I am all ears...

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July 11, 2016

Moving Along

Pulsating life
Together but, apart

Hands of clock.

copyright "as time flies 2016"
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Foot Prints

Living life with all its flavours makes it worthy. Only those who stand up against the tide to face the realities of life, come through enjoying it. No effort goes waste, just that the timing of the outcome may be greater than our endurance. It is alright if you are alone, however ,you should not be lonely for that means you have even lost touch with yourself.

Green grass both sides
Rising sun
Path still lonely.

While I look behind
My steps 
Keep following me.

Just when I think - 
The road 
Takes a turn.

I still tread on
With belief
Staying strong
Until I am gone.

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