July 1, 2015

Phoenix Amongst the Nescient Mortals #WordyWednedsay

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courtesy - geum-song
Hanging around to see her fall
Waiting for her to beg and crawl
Happiness peeps through seemingly worried faces
As they wish to erase her traces.

Noticing the smile on her face
They think she has lost the case
Blind to her potential
Unwary of her determination
They prepare for her cremation.

courtesy - digital-photography-school
Lo and behold
She shall rise from the ashes
Healed of scars and scratches
Her soul stays torn in this innings
Guiding her through new beginnings.

Feeble of body
Strong from the heart
She knows the true victory
She shall win
Even if you take a head start.

Courtesy - imgarcade

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June 30, 2015

Dancing to the Tunes of Life #BackgroundScoreOfMyLife

Songs are an integral part of me since childhood. From M S Subhalxmi to Geeta Dutt and from Mohammad Rafi to K L Sehgal our mornings started with some cassette-playing while we dressed for school. Unaware of the gems we were listening to we could not associate to them and it was difficult to understand why grandparents loved it so much. Even my parents found some association with it. However, things gradually changed and our inclination towards music in general increased.

During the tenth class, exam preparation things took turn, as music became the sole companion through the day. I have had the pleasure to listen to the cassettes, discs, a short fling with the walkman, then a round with the Discman, then coming of age with the apple i-pods and now even the phone serves the purpose of a player.

As I dance to the tunes of life three songs surface at this instant that can qualify as the #BackgroundScoreOfMyLife. There may me many more however, these just popped up instantaneously.

June 29, 2015

The Cat and Dog Story - Not Much Different From Ours

The dog who lives in the house across the fence thinks the cat is living a life of luxury, a pair of soft hands pampering her every now and then. He just knows it as he can see the big room from the window. A small girl comes to the room takes the cat in her arms and cuddles her. The cat is never loitering in the lawn, as she must be travelling with the girl in the little basket she carries. “Only if I lived on that side of the fence,” it thought.
The cat who sits on this side of the fence sees this tall and clean dog and envies him for the nourishment he must be receiving. A bulky frame and shiny fleece say it all. He even has a bow that accentuates its personality. He even goes out in the lawn during the mornings and evenings. She recollects how on some days he goes to the market with his master who even carries a stick to protect his dog. “Only if I lived on that side of the fence,” it thought.

Midsummer Night's Melancholy by Michael Sowa