October 5, 2015

October sky

Sad, but I could not keep pace with the last month blog posting. As the month of October has started, I promised myself to keep alive the posts and bring back into momentum my visits to fellow bloggers write-ups.

October is special as it etches another year of ‘We’. Especially this October it seems breezier and the rains are adding an extra charm and effect after an almost dry monsoon. Everyone thought that the coming months would end up in dry spells but then the rains came to the rescue. Love those clouds and the rains.

By the way, it just happened to cross my mind that maybe hugs are as important to humans as the clouds. You see we have cut down the trees and the hills so the clouds do not get entrapped (read embraced) and literally wander off, as is the case with humans. A stressed life comes to peace while the eyes shed those dewdrops while in the embrace of a close one.

Fingers crossed, head held high I promise I will try to stop by!

September 30, 2015

Worth Every Second - Success

Sweet, tangy, pure and addictive
Introducing me to ecstasy 
Sensation lingering strong
Erased the difference
Between right and wrong

Intoxicated by its presence
I lost control
World turned around
Life no longer stands calm
Still, I declare
Success has its own charm.

September 28, 2015

Love Unconditional

When you feel loved
Toughest times do not matter
Life just refuses to shatter.
It is a feeling too personal to define
An abstract with no perfect design
Rawness keeps it alive.
It is a peck on the forehead
A pat on the back
Clenching of hands
Talking eyes
Wordless times.

Deep within
Invisible to world outside
Love is not just red roses
Not restricted to gifts and poses.

It is a rainbow
Without rain and the sun
A garden in times
When everything appears barren.

Love is without rules
Sans any condition
It is hidden in a quarrel
That can ease the tension.

Let your love be your own
Not a showcase
Or exhibition
For other souls.

True love is eternal
With its share of up and down
You just know it is there
When there is no need to pretend
or a reason for your feelings
 to hide.

September 23, 2015


The first kindergarten was established by Froebel in Bad Blankenburg, Germany in 1837. He renamed his Play and Activity Institute to a ‘kindergarten’ two years later in 1840; a term coined by him.

Kinder means "children" and ‘Garten’ means “garden" in German. It was set up with the aim of providing the toddlers an exposure to the various facets of life like music, motor skill development, drawing, nature etc.

The first one in England was established 1850 by Johannes Ronge, German Catholic priest; in America, 1868, by Elizabeth Peabody of Boston, Mass.

Whereas it is taken into English untranslated, the other nations that borrowed the institution nativized the name (Danish börnehave, Modern Hebrew gan yeladim, literally "garden of children").

The present day Kindergartens are a ripened fruit of the efforts of the ideas and practices of Robert Owen in Britain, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi in Switzerland and his pupil Friedrich Froebel (who coined the term) in Germany, and Maria Montessori in Italy. The approach today is no different from what was initially started, however; with technology and the internet, the exposure gained by children is more.

In India we have Balwadi’s that are either run by the government or the NGO’s that aim to provide early childhood care and education to children coming from poor sections of society. This aims to bring these children to the level average child who join the primary school.  

September 16, 2015

Fresh Air

Shredded to the last bit
It took away my loneliness
Leaving me empty and light
Without any guilt

Many close relations were lost
As I was busy raising toasts
Reintroducing myself to living
Pacing especially slow
I just tore up my

September 15, 2015

Joker, Juggler, and Life

One-day life visited the circus to find itself entrapped in an act. A Joker stood juggling the colorful balls at the edge of a plank raised quite high for a common person.

The colored balls followed a circular path, while the once at the top half  were prominent each time a ball was lost in his hand; however the act was continuous and fast so it never seemed to hide.

September 14, 2015

Connection Strengthened by the Sky

What do I have to do if the match is fixed? I am rarely interested in the men in shiny uniforms who are chasing runs and picking wickets. However, this time it was different as some crucial match (I realized that as it the hot topic while he was on Whatsapp or phone or reading paper) happened to fall on the day we were to celebrate our Anniversary. As it is a common belief that men are poor with days and occasions it makes me wonder how they remember the who’s who of wicket takers and the runs made by other players. Coming back to my story, well I was dead sure that I was not letting any match ruin my day so I would let him watch his match! This would be my gift to him (An uninterrupted match session without the wife bickering in the background).

I knew this was going to be a perfect plan. A surprise, which unlike other surprises in the past would not go unnoticed and would have a longer heart life (as in shelf life) and I would Get to spend a lovely evening with him ;). God would not betray me this time I knew. However, as many of my married friends would vouch moments like this are under ill spells (JINXED!) as he told me one evening that on the day of his MATCH some urgent work with clients would ruin the day he planned (read, still no mention of anniversary).

No nothing shall ruin this day was my yearning and I badly needed a backup plan to fall back on. There were still few days left and I was keen to find a way out when the idiot box came to my rescue as an advertisement guided me through.