August 28, 2015


The table is set for their first rendezvous as today he shall have breakfast with them.

Sunny and bright is an auspicious omen, unlike the cloudy dim sky that stayed until last evening when he finally agreed to meet her parents.

She appears calm for her heart is leaping, dancing, cheering for having finally reached this point where her baby would not be born outside a wedlock.

The table lay set until the noon, the phone she tried stayed out of reach bringing her gloom.

The hands of the clock left her hand to move ahead while she stayed stuck to the day until her end, the day when he had to come.

Linking To

August 25, 2015


 “Where are you taking me?” Riddhi asked annoyed with him for having forgotten to wish her, leave alone give the gift she had desired for on their first anniversary, an early morning breakfast with him and the sunrise in the background as the new resort in their city claimed.

“Endurance my dear is the best companion at the moment,” Atul replied with a kidding note in his voice.

“Hope he has no despicable ideas,” she recollected the news about the suicide by a young, much in love couple. In addition, she remembered him talking about bringing some Project to its conclusion. “Was it she?”

August 22, 2015


Colourful specks fill my life
I chose a few
Kept them aside
Attempting to preserve
Bottled them up
I forgot about them
After a while.

One day I opened my safe
There lay my treasure
Hidden in the dark
While I was, busy
To unravel the future
Left behind
- My forgotten spark.