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June 23, 2016


unnamed (11)
"I Guess it was him. Yes, it had to be him as yesterday he had said he would give a call," She mumbled, as the thoughts about their blind date flooded her vision.

The connection was weak and from what she could make out, he said," will be at the doorstep by seven and ..," something about her odour."

They were meeting and she had to be her fragrant best was all she cared about. 

She got busy asking friends about fragrances to make it an evening to remember; still, something seemed amiss to her.

Ready by 6.45 she waited for him; peeping through the window, pacing across the room, sitting down  to start the ritual again after a minute.

Sharp at seven the bell rang, making her heart thump severely and when she opened the door with a  perfect smile on her lips, a hand holding a box stretched towards her; "Ma'am, your order  and kindly pay in cash."

June 16, 2016



While I waited for its arrival all through the snow and chilly weather, I am sorry to say but,the unbearable heat overshadows the bright and shiny days I had wished for.

Oh! Summer.

June 10, 2016

Blink #MyStory

I remember...
Chirpy lass, with a smiling face
Eyes shining bright
Solace to lonely soul
Lost her grip in chaos
As I stumbled through life
... and then I never saw her again.

Part of Indispire #MyStory

April 30, 2016


They left their parents alone as if someone throws away an old tattered cloth  little realizing that the hands that can raise a child to reach the pinnacle can change their own lives when time comes.

The elderly couple renovated their house and renamed it. “The Grand mom and Grand dad abode.”

The young veterans’ membership to this happening place demands a single criterion and that is faith on the motto, “Life does not end with the tattered thoughts of the young.”

In the end, if one dies with a guilt all the pain one took for achieving the materialistic gains go in vain. Guilt is the biggest punishment. What do you thnk?

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is  Z.

April 29, 2016


She had left her job due to personal reasons however the society refused to see her point. While she was at home, they expected her to do all the chores; the house cleaner was relieved of her duties too.  However, her soul wanted to make a niche for herself and thus she began her tryst with writing and crafts. Gradually she started uploading her work online. All this was a hobby until one day she began her full-fledged career.

Her hard work and determination had paid off as she started to work from home satisfying her yearning to do something for herself. If we wish to do something in life we should do, our best to leave no stone unturned and never leave hope.

Sometimes there may be conflict of interest between self and our priorities however we should not burden our souls with it. If one way is closed we should seek another direction to nurture our soul. Have you ever been at such cross roads?

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is  Y.
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