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April 30, 2016


They left their parents alone as if someone throws away an old tattered cloth  little realizing that the hands that can raise a child to reach the pinnacle can change their own lives when time comes.
The elderly couple renovated their house and renamed it. “The grand mom and grand dad abode.”
The young veterans’ membership to this happening place demands a single criterion and that is faith on the motto, “Life does not end with the tattered thoughts of the young.”

April 29, 2016


She had left her job due to personal reasons however the society refused to see her point. While she was at home, they expected her to do all the chores; the house cleaner was relieved of her duties too.  However, her soul wanted to make a niche for herself and thus she began her tryst with writing and crafts. Gradually she started uploading her work online. All this was a hobby until one day she began her full-fledged carrier.
Her hard work and determination had paid off as she started to work from home satisfying her yearning to do something for herself. If we wish to do something in life we should do, our best to leave no stone unturned and never leave hope.

April 28, 2016

XL excelled

As a kid, she could never understand why people treated her differently however; growing up taught her, that life is more about the appearance than about the heart or soul so she hid herself in her house. She even completed her studies as a private student.

She had few friends and a few like her succumbed to the pressures of the society but she chose to stand up against the general perception and today she proved her point as a successful entrepreneur. Everyone who had run away from her wanted to share limelight with her.

“Had I tumbled over the pricks that were scattered around me I would never have reached this point? M, L, XL, XXL does not matter in the end if you live a happy life and excel in the school of life,” she thought.

Body Shaming is the work of idle minds with destructive outlook towards life.

April 22, 2016

Silence # A to Z Challenge

All these years she had wished for a few minutes of silence but today when she had one she sat confused tossing with her thoughts. She was now a woman free of her duties – retired, children married off, and a husband whom she had tamed over the years according to her preference.

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She had all the silent, ‘me’ moments with no disturbance still she was not happy. A glum heavy heart felt as if the SILENCE was mocking at her. A few minutes were fine but now she had to live with it forever. That is how she had made it evident to her family and as much they loved her, they would never betray her wishes.

Only, this time, it was different and she wanted them to give her company occasionally, however, it was long before she could muster the courage to ask for it! 

Sometimes we are so busy with life that we forget it's true meaning.

Life,without the people around, would be like bland food, flavours of life add the zing to it and that is what makes it worth living. merely existing is like living the life of a log!!! True or false?

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is  S.

April 21, 2016

Reason #AtoZChallenge

All these years they had tried to reason out his behavior toward his family, however, today when they saw him deal with his children they realized he needed medical attention.

It was late but for the sake of his family, they had to take this step.

What the psychiatrist told them left them speechless  for after 30 years they had found they had failed in their duties as a parent and hence he had grown up to be so.

Sometimes a friendly conversation reasons out the hidden fears and dilemmas and it is better to seek help than speculate over the reasons. Some scars never heal if not cared for at the earliest!

Every parent needs to learn to read their child's silence. Sometimes it is not their nature but the surrounding that contribute to the characteristic of an individual. Do you ay attention to your child?

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is  R.
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