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August 2, 2016

Learning The art


The mystery unfolds,
Camera rolls.
Life takes the cue,
Enacts the scenes-
Makes me weep,
Makes me smile,
Trips me over,
Helps me cross the mile.
Speculations put the brake,
Existence on the stake.
Then I realize
Life is fun
While on the ‘go’
The pleasure is not in existence
It’s hidden in -

What you don’t know.

Aug 2nd: What you don’t know


  1. I like this interpretation of 'What you don't know'. Most people look upon the unknown with some amount of trepidation. It is only the adventurous who would find pleasure in what they don't know, who revel in surprises. A good way to live, I think.

  2. This was naaaiccee!! Pretty simle and to the point! Loved it!


  3. I just love the way you phrased it. All the fun and adventure lies in what we don't know :)

  4. Very very beautiful....nothing can beat the beauty of the simplicity evident in your words....

  5. Beautiful lines! Specially the last 3 lines..because life is beautiful when there are surprises in store :)

  6. What's life if you know everything ahead of time, right? Lovely take on the prompt.

  7. What's life if you know everything ahead of time, right? Lovely take on the prompt.

  8. :-) There's some thrill around what you don't know. The suspense is exciting. Except the mandatory basic info we have to know!

  9. Yes, I agree. Sometimes the fun is in not knowing. :)

  10. To me, the thrill is in the learning and the finding out.

  11. Where is the fun if one knew everything about what is going to happen next in life? Let it be a mystery and bask in what one doesn't know. From another perspective if more and more people begin to follow this philosophy, the business of palmists and astrologers will shut down. Just thinking.

  12. Is it ? I believe, for some instances in life, it's better not knowing the complete truth because sometimes, that's more disturbing and hurtful to us. :) Nicely-written.


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