July 23, 2018

Longing for Another Life


He knew what all she could resort to if he did not fulfil her wish. The doctor had explained everything and even though the medications had burnt his pocket, he was helpless; maybe love did that to people. 

She had long before entered her past and now her childhood seemed to play games with her thoughts. She wished to return to the same place where 'daddy and mamma' would take her; maybe that was how she perceived happiness now.

The kith and kin pitied him and some even laughed at his life but he alone knew in his heart that his existence was dependent on her. Looking at her smile, he no longer felt the pressure of the world and began to pack things they would need at her favourite resort.

Thank you Denise, from the GirlieOnTheEdge.
In case you wish to write something yourself Just visit the blog for this week’s word prompt for the blog hop known as Six Sentence Stories. prompt this week is RESORT.

July 12, 2018

Truth and Dare

"She was an ugly duckling in all senses so the relationship strained", so her 'ex' claimed. The bait was perfect for such a gathering but the timing went wrong.