August 9, 2018

Love From a Mom

It grows because you are the one that constantly feeds it, control yourself and it would deflate”, said Sam. Pia wanted to surrender to the thought but he was precious to her.
Baby Feet, Heart, Love, Mother
courtesy pixabay

August 6, 2018

Lessons Learnt, Lessons Unlearnt

Regrets are a part of life so we have to live with them but if they tend to turn into incurable deep sores, it is better to change.

Things have begun to change, well to put it straight I am changing myself to fit in things unlike earlier when I was trying to fit myself in. I have realized that regrets are stronger when you try to do things to maintain harmony or balance in lives around you. Well, it is just our thought that doing so will bring any change for the people around us. On the contrary, people begin to be accustomed to our behaviour and interpret our actions as our w way of life rather than seeing the real reason that is “them”.