December 16, 2016

Looks Like a Fish!

Little P decides to play with colours and draws this...

Origami Table

This is a new series where little P explores the magic of folding papers and learns to sit for a while...

August 31, 2016

Grrowing Up #freewrite

Growing old with some wisdom
Growing strong with agility
Loving self without being selfish to others
At peace with the surroundings
Without being meek anymore
Come, meet
The new-

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August 13, 2016

Revival - Survival

Solitary existence
Scattered strength
Biding mortar
Firming existence
Pieces congregate
Ego disintegrates
External pressure
Weak in force
Nothing -
Can make me fall
Today I survive
Harsh winds

Like a brick wall.

Write Tribe

August 8, 2016

Thoughtful Words

Quill And Ink Pot

The quill whispered to the ink, “Spiritless to the world around, we imbibe the sorrows and happiness before the emotions are deciphered by others.”

“Hush,” retorted the ink. “Keep steady, or I may spill.” “Let the wary thoughts flow on the white sheets for it's time to help the jittery heart reclaim the lost rhythm.”

August 7, 2016


Personally, I feel promises make things stringent. Otherwise one may be relaxed and if not preoccupied try to their best carry out the things as decided. To me it is just like the times I put an alarm only to find myself awake if a few hours waiting for the clock to ring.

This time I participated in this BarAThon and lo! Here I have successfully completed the seven days without much effort and burden. Apart from writing I even managed to visit the blogs of fellow blog-mates.

I would not categorize it as promise but something on the same lines where I wish to complete the tasks without the pressure to succeed or win. Hope to make through other tasks and works with equal zest and happiness as this one.

Aug 7th: Promise (to yourself/someone else)

August 6, 2016

Wishful Thinking

Proof of agony still gripped her soul; words like the dart still pierced her ears. Longing since long she yearned for a drop of love and tinge of care in her barren life.

Nothing can change a person obsessed with self and fond of pity, however, she still carried hope in her heart.

Who knows…?


Aug 6th: Wishful thinking

August 5, 2016

Still There Inside the Heart

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Baby Girl Shoes Christmas or Hanging Ornament
Reminiscent of the one, who never reached her
Tracing the void that was never filled
Pressing hard the bosom that never held her close
Tiny Shoes still hung by the wall.

The unseen face that still fills his dreams
The tears that hide behind the dry eyes
She was his angel whom he never saw

Tiny shoes still hung by the wall.

This post was originally a part of the BarAThon week at Blog-A-Rhythm in 2016.

August 4, 2016

Shattered Pieces

Each anniversary a surprise would wait for her and he somehow made his gifts unique often leaving her wondering ‘if everything was real’.

This time, they were seven seas apart and she could feel his pangs of this separation; “His face is a mirror of his true feelings,” she said to herself. There Skype conversation made her uneasy as her commitments kept her away from him.


She  unlocked the door softly and as the minute hand touched twelve she screamed at the top of her voice SURPRISE!

His silhouette was visible on the couch.

No,” she realized; there were two.


Aug 4th: Caught red-handed

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August 3, 2016

Fragile Life

Lose yourself
To embrace your being tightly
Sit together for a while
Talk your heart out
Let your soul become alive.

Listen to your heartbeat
Tap your toes light
Clap like a child
Sink into the vast land ahead
Soak the best from bygone.

Close your eyes
Dream about your wish
Attempt to catch your fish
Pat your shoulders
Gift yourself a signature style.

Laugh and smile
Cry and try
Fall to rise again
Don’t lose who you hide
Deep within you, there is still a child.

Be your own judge
Compete with your last try
Pamper yourself
Love your life.


Life Is Fragile!

Aug 3rd: Fragile lives

August 2, 2016

Learning The art


The mystery unfolds,
Camera rolls.
Life takes the cue,
Enacts the scenes-
Makes me weep,
Makes me smile,
Trips me over,
Helps me cross the mile.
Speculations put the brake,
Existence on the stake.
Then I realize
Life is fun
While on the ‘go’
The pleasure is not in existence
It’s hidden in -

What you don’t know.

Aug 2nd: What you don’t know

July 22, 2016


Dear life,

All this while, I was working hard for achieving a perfect life promising myself a break once things sort out. I totally forgot that you might have a plan of your own; sometimes I feel I heard your voice calling for some fun but maybe it is an illusion.

I am sorry that I made you dance to my tunes without paying heed to your music. Today, as I sit here looking back I see you have moved on while I was busy chasing dreams and desires.

 I know that you did leave an occasional hint about change but I overlooked it in my haste and as we could never synchronise our steps to live, the present called ‘TODAY’ went missing.

You may be angry with me but let us start again; let's enjoy the present while we work together for the future and this is not a command but a humble request.


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July 15, 2016

Perfect is You!


The best friend you will ever have,
That one hand that can give you strength
Lead you through rough path,
That blessing in disguise,
That flickers through the dark
It is the candle of hope,
That burns in your heart.

What, appears perfect now
May not be perfect for you.
The path that looks easy to tread
May lead nowhere to
Let those desires ignite,
Let your work show your might.

Even if today, you crawl
Ahead of final brawl
Keep your soul sturdy
You are winning party.

Don’t give in
To your plight
Before the final flight.

Remember, Sun always follows the night!

July 14, 2016

A Reintroduction

 Everyone was with her except herself...

She did not know how she had reached here. Over the years, she never realized the distance she had traveled both in terms of time and in terms of space. It suddenly struck her; it had been 60 years since she had come on earth, around 35 years as an employee, 30 years as a mother, and 31 as a wife. Years as numbers never disturbed her. Today it was different. She was going to retire today.

Her stomach had butterflies as had been there 35 years back; the day she had joined the school. In keeping with the pace of life, so many things had taken a backseat. Well-known in the social circuits she had so many things up her sleeves. Still, she was feeling lonely inside. Something was amiss. As if, someone left behind in this journey of life.
Getting late was not her way of life. Therefore, she kept her thoughts aside and got ready for her farewell party. Her son was going to drop her to school and her husband would pick her up. Ideally, she should have been happy for this was a rare event. Yet, something did not feel right. Reaching school, she had pangs of nostalgia already swelling up her chest.

Courtesy Google
She received a grand welcome. Emotions were at high. The party she attended was different from the ones she had attended before. The respect and love she was receiving overwhelmed her, still, she was lost. Then, the moment of realization came. A projector was set up.  It showed her colleagues sharing their experience with her and sending wishes. Finally, it captured her journey through the years. 

She saw something. Tears came down her cheeks. She made a quick visit to her past. Recalling events buried deep within her. She had seen herself. She realized what she was missing. She had left behind herself in this journey. She was not anywhere near the person who had started the journey. She had been best in all her relationships. The one place she had failed was with her. Now that the chaos had somewhat settled, she subconsciously had started to miss herself.

The realization had dawned on her late. Still, she promised herself to work upon herself and be the person she actually was. She would do all things that she had left midway or had not seen the sun due to other commitments.

Today was a great day for her. Today she had a reintroduction with herself.

How often do you get the time to think about yourself and do something that pleases your heart. The time manages you or can you handle the time?

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July 13, 2016

It's Time to Break the Cocoon...

Now that I have sat pondering over the stats of my blog I realise that we are as good as the liaison we do over the internet. However as the introvert, as I am, even the family members are spared the pain of reading the blog posts. Well, actually, the near  and dear ones have no idea that I even own a blog.

Wow! own sounds so great especially after a sabbatical that seems to be never ending! I do have something to my credit apart from the homework and the home ka work. (It is another thing that I have maintained office routine and and take each work as an assignment).

Coming back to the blog;  the little blog is often left unattended whenever the household is in the turbulent state (read functions, guests and travelling) as it is presumed that the Tip-tip on the keyboard is only for chatting or reading lifestyle article ( not entirely wrong but nowhere near truth either.

I dearly love this space and feel relaxed after spending some time either staring at the white screen or reading opinions ad words of other people. I really do not know if I actually wish to make it my bread and butter but I like it here. Sometimes I wish to link my profiles so I have my offline jaan pehchaan visit my site but then it is tough.

So while it may take few more years to come out of the cocoon and spread my wings I will have to be satisfied with all the little peaks that come over the span of this journey. With whatever little energy that is left by the end of the day or the little time, I get to leave the comments on other bloggers post, I can say I am moving ahead even if the pace is slow.

Share your story how you broke away the inhibition and rose ? 

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July 12, 2016

Beaten by the Weather and...

Matters of the heart are tough and those of the mind toughest.
This sad story of the ailing body may not go down well with some so kindly take responsibility of reading the rest.

I belong to the few who have active senses but are passive in reacting for the fear of losing ground.

I have digestion problem. I have a problem digesting the weird thoughts and norms that are biased. I understand they are the prognosis we give for the ever-increasing eve teasing and filthy activities but then the prognosis needs changes. The social doctors need to think of better ways like educating their children about respect and virtues that will help them survive guiltless rather than give them doses of morality every time someone gives a sacrifice.

My eyes are still adapting to the world. Well, if you attribute it to the fact that I am bespectacled and have not so normal vision you are near but most often I wish to visit an ophthalmologist every time I see an adult ape the younger generation just to appear cool. Well, there are people who carry themselves well and I fully respect them; actually, look up to them, however, I am old fashioned when changes happen just to please others. I do not belong to the generation” Yo!” but am happy in my skin rather than making myself available for free mockery.

More than what I just shared I have this frequent urge to visit an ENT, as I do not understand the reasons for doing some work just because “that is how it is supposed to be.” Maybe my ears are not functioning properly.  What kind of reason is that?

My ailing little nose is the only sense organ that works splendid! Every time there is a change of season, my nose like a loyal pet it foretells before the metrological department takes on duty. I have these bouts of sneezing that shake me from head to toe, holds-up my nerves making fragrances appear like fantasies. What would have I done with all the above problems had the nose not been there to take my mind off the conditions I suffer. Please bear for a while as I send my nose a flying kiss! Muah!

Now you may call it the womanly instinct but I give all the credit to my Sherlock Nose.  Who knows it results in opening the sixth sense to help me know if something fishy is cooking!

Do you have any such allergy or resistance towards societal norms too? I am all ears...

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July 11, 2016

Moving Along

Pulsating life
Together but, apart

Hands of clock.

copyright "as time flies 2016"
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Foot Prints

Living life with all its flavours makes it worthy. Only those who stand up against the tide to face the realities of life, come through enjoying it. No effort goes waste, just that the timing of the outcome may be greater than our endurance. It is alright if you are alone, however ,you should not be lonely for that means you have even lost touch with yourself.

Green grass both sides
Rising sun
Path still lonely.

While I look behind
My steps 
Keep following me.

Just when I think - 
The road 
Takes a turn.

I still tread on
With belief
Staying strong
Until I am gone.

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June 23, 2016


"I Guess it was him. Yes, it had to be him as yesterday he had said he would give a call," She mumbled, as the thoughts about their blind date flooded her vision.

The connection was weak and from what she could make out, he said," will be at the doorstep by seven and ..," something about her odour."

They were meeting and she had to be her fragrant best was all she cared about. 

She got busy asking friends about fragrances to make it an evening to remember; still, something seemed amiss to her.

Ready by 6.45 she waited for him; peeping through the window, pacing across the room, sitting down  to start the ritual again after a minute.

Sharp at seven the bell rang, making her heart thump severely and when she opened the door with a  perfect smile on her lips, a hand holding a box stretched towards her; "Ma'am, your order  and kindly pay in cash."
Aug 1st: Stranger than fiction

This post was originally written for Six Sentence Stories

June 10, 2016

Blink #MyStory

I remember...
Chirpy lass, with a smiling face
Eyes shining bright
Solace to lonely soul
Lost her grip in chaos
As I stumbled through life
... and then I never saw her again.

Part of Indispire #MyStory

April 30, 2016


They left their parents alone as if someone throws away an old tattered cloth  little realizing that the hands that can raise a child to reach the pinnacle can change their own lives when time comes.

The elderly couple renovated their house and renamed it. “The Grand mom and Grand dad abode.”

The young veterans’ membership to this happening place demands a single criterion and that is faith on the motto, “Life does not end with the tattered thoughts of the young.”

In the end, if one dies with a guilt all the pain one took for achieving the materialistic gains go in vain. Guilt is the biggest punishment. What do you thnk?

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is  Z.

April 29, 2016


She had left her job due to personal reasons however the society refused to see her point. While she was at home, they expected her to do all the chores; the house cleaner was relieved of her duties too.  However, her soul wanted to make a niche for herself and thus she began her tryst with writing and crafts. Gradually she started uploading her work online. All this was a hobby until one day she began her full-fledged career.

Her hard work and determination had paid off as she started to work from home satisfying her yearning to do something for herself. If we wish to do something in life we should do, our best to leave no stone unturned and never leave hope.

Sometimes there may be conflict of interest between self and our priorities however we should not burden our souls with it. If one way is closed we should seek another direction to nurture our soul. Have you ever been at such cross roads?

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is  Y.

April 28, 2016

XL excelled

As a kid, she could never understand why people treated her differently , however; growing up taught her, that life is more about the appearance than about the heart or soul so she hid herself in her house. She even completed her studies as a private student.

She had few friends and a few like her succumbed to the pressures of the society but she chose to stand up against the general perception and today she proved her point as a successful entrepreneur. Everyone who had run away from her wanted to share the limelight with her.

“Had I tumbled over the pricks that were scattered around me I would never have reached this point? M, L, XL, XXL does not matter in the end if you live a happy life and excel in the school of life,” she thought.

Body Shaming is the work of idle minds with a destructive outlook towards life.

A person is beyond the physical attribute visible to the human eyes. It is a pity that we seek superiority in shaming other people without realising we, ourselves are too shallow.

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is  X.

April 27, 2016

Weird but True

Hurt to the core the bruises that adorned the body felt nothing.

The words pinched harder than the pricks of cigarette butts.

The world echoed the pain and agony of women.

Here sat a soul tattered, silent as no one would believe in it. Embarrassed and guilty of its existence.

The anonymous group called "We Men".

Hurt and abusive life is not restricted to women alone there are men who are silent sufferers too. 

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is W.

April 23, 2016


AK waited for the right time before taking the step and was a success in life.

DJ listened to his heart and took a chance and achieved his goals.

People cribbed both; one for the lack of spontaneity and other for being impulsive.

The right time is whichever way gives a result without taking wrong means. Society will speak its mind but that does not mean it is right. Life is about living according to the situations one faces. There are no short cuts or potions to success. Once we learn to live each moment is worth.

So, are you affected by the herd or do you believe in treading your own way?

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is  T.

April 22, 2016

Silence # A to Z Challenge

All these years she had wished for a few minutes of silence but today when she had one she sat confused tossing with her thoughts. She was now a woman free of her duties – retired, children married off, and a husband whom she had tamed over the years according to her preference.

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She had all the silent, ‘me’ moments with no disturbance still she was not happy. A glum heavy heart felt as if the SILENCE was mocking at her. A few minutes were fine but now she had to live with it forever. That is how she had made it evident to her family and as much they loved her, they would never betray her wishes.

Only, this time, it was different and she wanted them to give her company occasionally, however, it was long before she could muster the courage to ask for it! 

Sometimes we are so busy with life that we forget it's true meaning.

Life,without the people around, would be like bland food, flavours of life add the zing to it and that is what makes it worth living. merely existing is like living the life of a log!!! True or false?

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is  S.

April 21, 2016

Reason #AtoZChallenge

All these years they had tried to reason out his behavior toward his family, however, today when they saw him deal with his children they realized he needed medical attention.

It was late but for the sake of his family, they had to take this step.

What the psychiatrist told them left them speechless  for after 30 years they had found they had failed in their duties as a parent and hence he had grown up to be so.

Sometimes a friendly conversation reasons out the hidden fears and dilemmas and it is better to seek help than speculate over the reasons. Some scars never heal if not cared for at the earliest!

Every parent needs to learn to read their child's silence. Sometimes it is not their nature but the surrounding that contribute to the characteristic of an individual. Do you ay attention to your child?

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is  R.

April 20, 2016

Quest #AtoZChallenge

“Mummy,” Sid was at his worst behaviour today.

“I cannot find it anywhere”; “Did you throw it away?”

Alka knew where he had left it but his temper and inability to think under pressure made it tough for him to act so she maintained silence.

“Mumaaaaa,” he continued again but a chilled glass of juice brought him to a halt.

“When you love it so much you should even take care of it. Come we will search for it, together,” She said as if lending a helping hand.

Gradually after going through different places, she guided him to his goal.

She had realised that only if he would taste the sense of loss he would cherish the presence of his belongings. While helping him in quest of his lost souvenir she had imparted an important lesson.

Spoon feeding takes a child nowhere instead, we have to guide them through their quest in life. Lessons of life start at home.What do you think?

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge 2016. Today's letter is  Q.